21 April – 20 May

Letting go has been a powerful theme for you over recent months as you’ve sensed a strong need to create more space in your life. Although the reasons for needing this space were never particularly obvious, you intuitively sensed the need to trust the process and went with it wholeheartedly. Whilst you could certainly do with some breathing space as your life has been on fast forward for quite some time, the need for space goes much deeper than this to a need to immerse yourself more deeply into the moment without being cluttered up with the ‘stuff’ of everyday life. ‘Stuff’ in this instance covers a wide range of areas but mainly all of those things, people and ‘doings’ in life that are inessential clutter and distraction. It’s time to clear away this stuff in order to breathe more deeply so you can begin to focus on your true priorities. At the same time though it’s important not to try to fill up the space you create with more stuff but to honour and cherish it for what it is.

Space is a creative force, if tended and nurtured it allows your spirit to soar as you feel more interconnected and awakened. Space allows you to see the bigger picture and it also brings you the gift of perspective which seems to be much needed in your life at the moment. However, space can create discomfort as it feels like a void or emptiness, but it’s not something to avoid, it’s a force to love as it’s space that looks set to shape and define your path ahead. The old adage ‘less is more’ is very apt for you throughout January as you find new ways of living the life you were born to live…

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