21 April – 20 May

March looks set to be a month to create some more breathing space as you begin to find new ways of simplifying and streamlining your life. Whilst you don’t tend to choose to make your life more complicated, there is a sense that you have been overwhelmed with responsibilities and things to do recently, and this has left you tied up in knots, feeling rather bewildered and in a spin. It’s as though you have lost your usual earthy sure-footedness, and find yourself suspended in mid-air, trying to regain your footing in order to breathe deeply once again. The harder you try to return to solid ground, the more you seem to spin, so it’s important for you to realise that most (if not all) of the spin is in your control. You’re busy and stressed because you don’t like to say no, and you’ve over-complicated your life by not honouring your own needs.

The time has come for you to pause for a short while in order to regain your perspective. You are a wise, compassionate and creative soul, and in order to function to the best of your abilities, you thrive on the challenge of trying to be everything to everyone. Of course, you forget about your own needs in this, but you gain a sense of your self-worth from being the person that everyone else wants you to be. This takes skill and tenacity, and you have both by the bucket load, but you’ve spent so long with your breath held in, trying to do your best and be the best, and it feels slightly hollow unless you are wholeheartedly feeling it. In essence, it’s time to open up your heart and soul towards thriving and blooming once again as you take a big deep breath of life…

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