21 May – 21 June

January looks set to be a month of inner knowing and increasing awareness as you finally locate a rather significant piece of the puzzle of your life. You’ve been treading water for quite some time, trying to make sense as to why things are the way they are, and, more importantly, why you are the way you are, but you have never been able to get a clear sense of the bigger picture as to what makes you tick. You have spent a long time digging, probing and contemplating the bigger picture, but it seems time now for you to decide exactly what bigger picture you need to look at as there are an infinite number of them! In short, it would be wise to take a step back in order to sharpen your focus and think about exactly what you’re trying to achieve as clarity of vision is the centrepiece of your journey throughout 2020.

In other words, opening up your heart and soul to work alongside your phenomenally busy brain in order to find a new way of living your life. You have spent a long time trying to get your life ‘right’, not an uncommon trait, but when you have no clear definition of ‘right’ it’s hard to ever reach the horizon. At the same time, intuitively you know that ‘right’ is also different for each soul as no two people see truth in quite the same way. So, instead of seeking out a non-defined sense of ‘rightness’ it’s time for you to start loving and accepting yourself exactly as you are. You may not be perfect, but no one is. You’re ready now to find new ways to define happiness and to seek out a simpler, but more joyful existence…

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