21 March – 20 April

April looks set to be a month for bringing your focus firmly into the present moment in order to live more consciously and in more connected ways. It’s time to make some important decisions about what’s truly valuable in your life. You have been on fast-forward for such a long time, so it’s been easy for you to be focused on keeping on keeping on, dealing with quantity rather than quality as you’ve worked so hard to be everything to everyone. You have always had a strong sense of self, as well as a clear sense of direction and purpose in life, whilst you have had times when confused has blurred the edges, when you’ve taken a deep breath, you’ve found your centre once again. This is special time for you to acknowledge any ripples or undercurrents of discontentment in the areas of your life that you know are out of kilter; you have a strong sense of duty and responsibility, even when it means self-sacrificing your own needs and freedom.

Whilst you are a giving, compassionate and loving soul, it is important that you work towards achieving more balance in your life as you cannot keep on self-sacrificing and giving without ending up feeling depleted and under-resourced. You have always tried to do your best and to be the best, but there is a strong sense of ‘ought’ in this mix, that you feel somehow obligated to be the person you feel you are expected to be. It’s time to remember that you are vibrant, passionate and a free spirit, and this side of you is longing to dance freely in life once again. So, have a good think about your life and the ways in which you can restore some balance, as this is your time to start a new chapter in your life…

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