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Check out some of the latest new books in mind, body and spirit community featured in our magazine. We have a range of spiritual topics from self-help books to personal experiences. Check back soon for our latest book club list for readers.

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Cepheus On The Rise

Amunet hall

Cepheus On The Rise

Louise Illig-Mooncie
The theme is ‘change’ for better or worse, delivered through four fables. Each short story explores the importance of incorporating rituals into the rites of passage milestones that we all go through, from the cradle to the grave and beyond.

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The Foundations of Mastery: 12 Steps to a Fulfilled Life

Narina Riskowitz
The Foundations of Mastery takes personal development to a level of self-mastery. Drawing on principles of esoteric psychology, spirituality, ancient wisdom and modern-day quantum physics, this book equips you to master your mind, body, energy, emotions and higher consciousness.

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Living in Two Worlds: My Journey

Karen Kelsall
As a child I saw spirit and have survived an abusive childhood and Domestic Violence. At 14, had a Near Death Experience. I have had a Time Slip, Astral Travelled and other phenomenon. As a Medium, I have helped others.

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A Skylark Sings


A saboteur is loose on the film set of the WW1 BBC production of the book A Skylark Sings. The motive is obvious from the start, but the perpetrator is not so easily identified. The saboteur baits the police before ramping up the number and severity of incidents, putting lives at risk. After actor, Alex Ward and his girlfriend, Elisabeth Ireland, save the life of the executive producer from his car after his breaks are cut, they become the targets for the saboteur’s fury.  Lives lived in 1916 are now brought back together for either good or ill as the past catches up with the present, but who will survive the encounter this time around?

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So It Shall Be


It’s hard being alive today. The modern world has so many demands on us. We suffer with so much anxiety and stress, yet when we seek solutions, the only options available are either expensive therapy, baffling religions, or overlong self-help books full of psycho-babble. ‘So Shall It Pass’ offers a different path. This concise book presents a simple yet incredibly powerful mantra. It breaks down the mantra into its component parts, before offering you ways to use the mantra to deal with your pain and anxiety. Best of all, it shows you how the mantra can be used to heal the wounds of the past, help you make the most of the present moment, and ensure you move into the future with positivity and acceptance.
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I Wish My Doctor Had Told Me This


“I wrote this book to empower people to take their health into their own hands, to help people to understand that sick bodies are reacting to an imbalance in the environment. It gives a detailed explanation of how we can change that environment. Sick bodies are communicating with us. This book will help you to decipher what your body is trying to say.”

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A Fool's Journey


A Fool’s journey is the story of a young man embarking upon his life’s journey. Innocent and pure, he is about to come across life’s temptations and the challenges that are thrown onto his life’s path. As he moves between the characters playing their roles and guiding him. Do they have his best interest at heart? Join him on his journey.

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The Narrow Doorway


As a child in WWII, Sandy would see animals and people from ‘other worlds’, assuming this was normal… Only with increasingly frequent psychic experiences did she realise that she was a natural medium – an amazing life during which the world has changed unrecognisably but Spirit’s message is unerring: we are not alone.

Odd Days of Heaven


Feel that you’re losing your way? Like so many, Sandra was rocked by life events but refused to be a victim of circumstances, treating them instead as opportunities for growth. She wanted a ‘spiritual guide book’, couldn’t find one, so she wrote it! Here are nearly 200 brilliantly researched suggestions to lift your spirits daily.

Power for Good

A True Life Spiritual Adventure
In the vein of the Secret and Louise Hay’s You Can Heal Your Life this book explores key spiritual principles such as the Law Of Attraction and reveals the underlying truths behind them. Through an intriguing and enlightening story of the author’s personal experiences this book provides  fascinating insights into spiritual laws and teachings and explains how we may use spiritual principles to enhance our lives and  deal more effectively with life’s issues and challenges.
A Must for both the newcomer and the seasoned traveller along their spiritual journey. Available from

The House of Being


A powerful collection of acutely observed verse by a master of his craft, showing us the mind, body and soul of what it is to be human in this glorious natural world. A teacher and priest, Peter looks deeply beneath the surface of life, writing with both compassion and searing wit, each word carefully chosen. A national prize-winner.

Celestial Ambulance


Ben was hoping for a good rest when he arrived in the afterlife. But he was in for a surprise, finding that he was expected to continue his work as a paramedic on rescue missions. Not only that, his ambulance had a definite mind of her own! A brilliant glimpse of the spirit world with gentle humour and piercing insights.

We Are All One


‘We Are All One’ is the acclaimed Award Winning first book from author J.M.Harrison. Written in just 6 days following a mystical near death experience, this book is a rare collection of awakening insights and spiritual wisdom for the 21st century. Available on Amazon

You Are This

In this cutting edge new book, award winning author J.M. Harrison guides you to uncover the lost principle of consciousness, the authentic Soul you really are.
WARNING: YOU are THIS is not a beginners guide, but a book for experienced seekers.

 Available on Amazon

Shell of Soul


Ever Wondered Why? Shell of Soul is the journey of discovery. The biggest SECRET is us. What we hold, ignore, absorbed and inherited through no fault of our own, however very much in action today. Controlling every part of us without consciousness understanding or acknowledgement.

50 Letters from Spirit


Patricia’s sensitivity to a more developed divine existence was taught by her initial spirit guide. But to her surprise, this guide took a physical step back from Patricia’s life. A new guide, Marsilio, marched forward and told the author that they would write a book together.  Available on Amazon

Redeeming Lucifer


When Carl is invited for dinner by an enigmatic and reclusive figure, nothing will ever again be what it seems… This extraordinary novel is a spiritual adventure through parallel, mystical worlds on an epic quest to find Lucifer, no less, and to heal the world. The author masterfully blends esotericism with historical

The Journey of the Soul Through the Seven Major Chakras


This book is about the soul’s connections to the seven major rays, the great initiations, karma, and healing with the ancestors. It links the personality, the soul, and the spirit taking us through the different levels of each chakra, relating it to the ray, initiation, and colour . Available on Amazon

Haunted by Past Lives


Tom began to experience vivid, detailed and dramatic dreams of a life in the 18th century and of a murder being committed… He embarked upon exhaustive historical research to find whether there could be any truth to ‘past lives’ but was hardly prepared for the long-buried secrets they uncovered…

Day Trips to Heaven


We all wonder what Heaven might be like – here’s our chance to find out! Ethan is training as a spirit guide but finding it tough, so he’s allowed to bring some deserving souls from Earth for a preview. Charming and full of humour and spiritual wisdom, describing with compassion what we all need to learn on our journey.

Tap Once for Yes


Devastated by her son’s sudden and unexpected suicide, Jacquie was determined to find out whether his spirit lived on. Soon she began to receive incredible yet undeniable messages from him on her `phone’s voice recorder… A story of astonishing love and courage, triumphing over grief and others’ doubt and rejection.

Spinach Soup For the Walls


Despite a life of travel and opportunity, Lynne found herself retreating into isolation and despair. Her beautifully written book is the story of her fight to rediscover her spirituality and new ways of thinking, by “recognising the remarkable in the ordinary.” Gold Medal Winner in the national Wishing Shelf Awards.

A Message From Source


An exceptional collection of spiritual verse, written thoughtfully and in familiar language, exploring meditation and the environment, our human perception and our nature as creative beings of light and sound. Allow these words to flow through you, reaching deep within the mind and awakening higher states of consciousness.

The Temples of Golden Light


Re-balance planet earth with Goddess energy, raise vibration through ascension. Each etheric temple may be visited during meditation, contemplation or one’s sleep state for healing, relaxation, upliftment, inspiration, cellular renewal and releasing any energy blocks.  Available on Amazon

Mirror Image


We don’t all fit into a box for our structured emotional or mental health approach today. I realised what we offer in talking and cognitive therapy is a plaster approach, that has no lasting solutions. We have the ripple effect from family and friends were suffering from depression and anxiety, it touches us all.

The Soul Whisperer


Following personal tragedies and spiralling financial problems, Londoners Alex and Sara are desperate to find ways to rediscover their zest for life. A free holiday provides the perfect opportunity for a second chance, but not long after arriving in France they discover that all is not what it seems… Available on Amazon

Spirit of the Hedgerow


We are losing our connection with Nature. Yet among our common hedgerows are ‘wild weeds’ that offer amazing medicinal benefits and delicious food – not to mention fascinating legends. Jo shows us what to look for (and to avoid!), interweaving ancient folklore to help us communicate with our environment in a real way.

Broken Sea


In the heady summer of 1968, Roy falls helplessly in love with Eva at first sight but she is Czech and weeks later her homeland is savagely invaded by Soviet tanks and troops. Describing true events, this gripping story holds a mirror to personal and international conflicts in a desperate struggle for identity – and to save love.

The King Who Came to Earth


Have you wondered what it would have been like to have known one of the truly great masters? To have witnessed first-hand their intense will, determination and desire to uplift humanity? To have looked into their mysterious eyes….

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Naked Being


An exceptional collection of spiritual verse, written thoughtfully and in familiar language, exploring meditation and the environment, our human perception and our nature as creative beings of light and sound. Allow these words to flow through you, reaching deep within the mind. Available on Amazon