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Cosmic Insights for November 2019

In a world of uncertainty and nebulousness, one thing is abundantly clear: we are all living in tumultuous and turbulent times. Energetically, physically, emotionally, spiritually, politically and morally, the ground is shifting from beneath our feet and it’s bewildering, confusing and exhausting, all at the same time. Just as we feel as though things are settling, something else rocks the boat and sends us into another spin, then another. We barely have time to catch our breath or steady ourselves before the next challenge begins.

We have each been challenged this year on so many levels, and there have been moments of intense highs, but many moments of intense lows. Mainly though there has been a deep sense of unknowable shift, a feeling that everything is changing although we cannot make sense of those changes as they’re still too nebulous and out of reach to understand. We have more questions than answers, and yet more questions without answers that continue to surface. We hope these changes are positive and life-affirming, but there is still an air of trepidation that more storms are on the horizon. Of course, there will always be storms as they’re a part of life, but many of us are weary and battle-worn, needing hope not challenge, joy not pain.

It seems important that we each learn how to let these feelings and emotions follow their own path, to travel through our lives like a feather in the wind being gently carried along. Even when a storm hits, the feather is buffeted around, but when the clouds disperse, it gets picked up and carried along once again. Yet, observing these emotions isn’t the same as wallowing in them. Being mindful of the feelings isn’t the same as diving into them head-first. Whilst it’s important to allow ourselves to fully feel and experience this journey, it’s also important not to be consumed by it.

Of course, many do become consumed by the intoxication of confusion and overwhelm, but this isn’t to be judged, they should be loved and shown compassion, understanding and patience. We all have moments when it all gets too much, and it’s easy to under-estimate the value of a smiling face or a hand reaching out when we’re in the darker moments.

Part of the lesson this year seems connected in transmuting pain into joy, loss into love and life into purpose. It’s time to clear away the obstacles we’ve placed within our hearts and souls in order to live life in more awakened and connected ways. Yes, this means feeling even more, but unless we can wholeheartedly feel, how can we truly live?

So many of us live in a virtual world, surrounded by technology and concrete, disconnected from nature and the earth. It’s no wonder so few can see the pain of Mother Earth, as we live in a world of soundbites and instantaneous connection and expectation. This way of living leads to parts of the soul withering away through lack of use as many of our natural instincts that allow us to interact freely and spiritually become locked in, isolated and disregarded.

It’s time now to accept that our thoughts, beliefs and actions ultimately shape and define our existence. This is a time of unity not separation, compassion not hate, love not pain. Whilst we will all experience all of these, it’s important to reach out now, to walk hand in hand with others, and to find a new way of being human…

For now, I wish you all kinds of wonderful.

With love,


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