When we work with the moon cycle we gain intuition and insight on the hidden elements of our spiritual self.  We can work on manifesting and also banishing that which no longer serves us at any time, but doing this whilst drawing on the power of the moon gives more energy and emphasis to our efforts.

The moon represents the Goddess aspect; the sun represents the God aspect.  Together they work in harmony and unison; the yin and yang of life.  The phases of the moon may affect our emotions, for example if you are feeling low, unable to concentrate or perhaps even energetic, look at what the moon phase is.  By looking at the cycles of the moon in this way we get in tune with our bodily cycles and make ourselves aware as to the nature of why we may feel the way we do.  Just as the lack of sun may make us feel down and flat, a sunny afternoon can energize and revitalize our energies. The moon cycle also may affect our emotions in more subtle ways and may affect us in many ways that we aren’t even aware of.

The triple goddess is associated with the moon who is symbolised by three female figures; maiden, mother and crone. These figures symbolise the three phases in a woman’s life.  The maiden possesses youthfulness, purity and newness and symbolises the waxing phase of the moon.  The mother is fertile and symbolises the full moon.  The crone is the old woman, full of wisdom and symbolises the waning phase of the moon.

Working with the energy of the moon isn’t restricted to women but is open to everyone; it is all part of what one can call conscious manifesting.

As a pointer, the waxing moon brings things to us, a time of manifesting.  The waning moon sends things away, a time of banishing and breaking old patterns that no longer serve us.

The period known as the dark moon is the phase three days prior to the new moon.  This is not the time to work with the power of the moon but a time of rest and reflection.  It is a time of meditating, connecting to the divine source and of heightening psychic energies. It is also a good time to let go of personal grief or loss which can in itself be quite liberating, especially if like me you keep things bottled up.

The moons cycles are generally indicated on calendars or you can use an almanac, the internet or even an app on your phone or tablet.

The New Moon

The new moon is when the moon is no longer visible from the Earth. The day after a sliver of the moon can be seen.  It is at the point that the moon is entering a waxing phase.

The new moon is a good time for manifesting.  It is a good time for starting new projects, planning ahead and setting goals.  It is also a good time for starting positive affirmations.

A Simple New Moon Ritual

Take some time to do this in your sacred space where you will not be disturbed.  Light a candle and/or some incense.  You may wish to clear your space with sage beforehand.  Sit comfortably and breathe slowly whilst you consciously connect to your higher self.  Imagine roots coming from the soles of your feet penetrating into the earth, grounding you.  Take time to think about projects you may wish to start.  Perhaps you want to start looking for a new job, starting that diet plan, a savings plan, doing projects around the home, maybe writing that book. Write it down on a sheet of paper.  Always finish by writing “This or something better and for the highest good of all so it harms none”.  You can put this list on an altar, under a crystal or in a God box (a special box into which you put wishes or problems and turn them over to God to answer your prayers).  Review your list and at the next new moon edit it or make a new list.  You could make a vision board at this time as well.  Cut out and stick/pin the things you wish to create in life onto a cork board or on a large piece of paper or card.  Or you can draw how you wish your life to be and things you want.  Be creative and imaginative.  You can then place your creation where you can see it or look at it regularly.

The Full Moon

The full moon can affect behaviour, concentration and mood. In my working environment I (and some of my colleagues), noticed how the full moon would affect the behaviour of young people, particularly adolescent males.  It was on subtle levels such as poor behaviour, giddiness and poor concentration.  When I was completing my first degree, I noticed that I couldn’t write assignments or do research on a full moon as my concentration seemed poor.  

When the moon is at its fullest, it shines its light on aspects of life that are no longer required.  When you harvest the energy of the full moon you can make steps to manifest into your life what you desire and by doing so eliminate that which no longer serves you.  When the moon is full we need to take time to reflect.

The full moon is the moon of the mother, fertile and complete. Working in this phase can bring powerful results.  Crystals can be left out under the light of the full moon to clear them energetically and absorb the moonlight.

Article by Tracy Jones

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