The very essence that is spirit is perfect.   However, even though we may be aware that we are all spirit and therefore, by this very measure, it could be said that we are also perfection in embryo, the reality is that we are created perfect but we do not really know ourselves. In my Workshops I teach three fundamental aspects of how spirituality can be defined.

Experiment – although we are perfect in embryo, we do not really know ourselves and therefore we need to descend into matter (the human lives) so we can discover what we are made of.   However, spirit has no form, so it needed a vehicle to experience itself – the Soul.

Experience – it is through the varied experiences of multiple lifetimes that the Soul, the vehicle for the spirit unfolds and develops its innate divinity.   But again, the Soul has no form, so it needed a vehicle to express itself – the human form.

Expression – it is through the human lives and many, many challenges that we can express the spiritual qualities that we have gained through our many experiences.

Life is tough and we may not always appreciate being told that it is all about learning lessons.   When the going gets tougher we need to dig deep down within ourselves to find that courage, that strength, that tenacity that will help us to keep on keeping on.   And we do!  Because the spirit within drives the soul forward.  It is our motivating factor that lies deep within and usually it is only in moments of crisis that we really know who we are.   The Soul keeps on despite the many challenges facing us, we pick ourselves up and often we may need to take a step backwards in order to the vista clearly ahead of us.

This is the resilience of the Soul.   Often failing, often wanting so much to curl up and let the world go on around us.   But inevitably the urge of spirit within, the incredible resilience of the Soul will lift us up and push us forward.   Resilience is not just about courage or strength; it is about an inner knowing that we are on a journey.   The journey of the Soul.   We all have a purpose in life.   The purpose is predestined but the journey is what we make of it.    Our purpose is to unfold and develop our spiritual gifts, to understand who and what we are.  This journey will be influenced by one of the major rays, and by the path of the soul as it travels through the seven major chakras.

We have forgotten that we are Creators in embryo.   So, the journey, the path that we choose to undertake is to remind ourselves and at the same time develop our innate divinity through a myriad of challenges and tests.   Each experience will bring out the best, or the worst in us, so that we can learn, accept and move on.

Life and creation are an experiment through the solar systems, galaxies, constellations, schemes and globes.  It is about living our human emotions, thoughts and many lessons.   It is about understanding our animal characteristics and the jewel within.   It is about working with all the knowledge yet now allowing ourselves to become dispirited but rather notching the lessons learned and moving forward.

The unfoldment and development on the spiritual path have a fundamental significance in that it leads the soul towards the Great Initiations and onto the Path of Discipleship.

Resilience is the one gift that keeps us steady on the path.

May we all walk that path with hope, faith and light.

Article by author and More to Life Elder Astra Ferro.

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