Most of us have some experience of what love is, but a complication comes in – human love seemingly has some limitation; we can experience pain, anxiety, worry, and actually underlying that, we’re afraid of our trust being betrayed by our beloved.. Sometimes we discover what we term love is our neediness and can be quite conditional.

We’ll separate Love into three levels, the human, the soul and the Divine.


We usually first experience this to some degree as children, from our parents, sometimes from our brothers and sisters. As we grow up, we may experience love through friendship, and maybe romance and intimacy. From a transpersonal perspective, we may be touched by the sheer beauty of music, paintings, arts, pure nature like observing sunrise or sunset, a blooming flower, stunning scenery. We can experience a sense of extreme well-being, freedom, peace and sometimes true aliveness as well.

For me, a mother’s love is one of the greatest of all, selfless and unconditional. I find that mother’s love brings with it, lots of self-sacrifice – sleepless nights, worries about their beloved children and sharing joy if their children are healthy, happy and well. It is one of Life’s wonders that human beings have this capacity to love one another so profoundly. It can actually touch you so deeply, and just talking about it can easily move me into tears.

However, I also witness something fascinating – that as beautiful and powerful a mother’s love can be; she cannot stop her alcoholic son or daughter from excessive drinking, drug taking, or other self-destructive activities.  The power of her unconditional love still may not be sufficient to change the destructive behaviours and addictions of her children. So, there is some limitation to it.

Most of us do experience some romantic love in our lives. It has an earth-shaking effect to start with, until disillusionment sets in, followed by disappointment – sometimes we can even end up disliking and even hating our partners. The limitations of ‘romantic’ love are there for all to see in divorce statistics.

At some point, even deep resonance triggered in our hearts by the beauty of a sunrise, sunset, stunning scenery, the stars at night will reach a point of impermanence.


Soul love is a true or higher level of love. More so than the mother’s unconditional love because it goes beyond personality and beyond human mind. Once touched by this love, you can taste a sense of eternity, it is so deep that you actually feel pain inside your heart. If you can open your heart to release any blockages you may have, you will find sheer beauty and grace, joy and compassion, freedom and peace.

This is a love that can touch your heart, a love that can reveal your primordial innocence, a love that is able to reveal the purity that’s beyond the belief system in the mind, beyond your education, programming, culture; is simply pure love presence. Soul love is beyond time and space. For example, bring your beloved into your memory and feel the warmth inside you – time, age nor circumstance, can change that.

Now you may start to get a glimpse of eternity.  It is based on two individuals’ joining, its primordial essence with their hearts and quiet minds. Out of that essence starts a spiritual odyssey to ‘return to boundless love’. There is pure wisdom and higher intelligence at work where we develop our intuition, our heart intelligence. That heart intelligence comes from love itself but it’s very deep. It is from your core being which connects with the Universe.


The genuine mature spiritual journey for me starts from the point at which you begin to differentiate between your consciousness and mind, your essence and past experiences, wisdom and belief systems. To put simply, between truth and falsehood, permanence and impermanence, Self and ego.

Your heart starts to yearn for something eternal, something you may call home, something you may call God. That is the Divine romance emerging and that is the heart motivation: the devotion of a seeker, of a genuine spiritual disciple, of the awakening soul journeying on tirelessly toward the merging of Divine Love. It is the deepest and highest level of love humanity can attain. It usually requires a lot of preliminary foundational and transformative internal work before you have reached this level of yearning. There may be a lot of ‘letting go’, a lot of skilful practices applied, possibly including prolonged periods of meditation, contemplation, studying and one-pointed focus to pursue this connection to your Truth.

When you experience Divine Love you feel you are part of that wholesome existence, that Oneness, that Totality. It brings a tremendous sense of freedom, spaciousness, brightness, and extreme aliveness. This aliveness is not just about feeling vibrant or feeling physically alive, rather, it is being Life itself. The peace that permeates the whole universe, also permeates your whole Being.

Literally, you are it. You can only enter into this state of Being through here and now. This moment but not this second, not this nano-second. It Is rather through this nano-second you expand into Infinity.

Article by Jason Chan

Originally from Hong Kong, Jason brings insightful understanding of ancient Taoist wisdom and practice combined with modern cutting-edge scientific knowledge on how matter and energy can be transformed by consciousness and the mind. This brings his teaching into a new paradigm of living.

He’s been voted most inspirational individual in 2008 by readers of Kindred Spirit magazine. In 2016 , he was chosen as one of the UK’s leading “evolutionaries” by Source TV for his contribution to assist in the uplifting of collective consciousness through his unique energy work and teaching. He also received the Editor’s Award from Kindred Spirit magazine in 2017 for his significant and meaningful work.

For the past 30 years, Jason has dedicated his life to passing on the benefits of his work to his students and spiritual seekers who attend his courses, retreats and workshops, throughout the UK and Ireland, Europe and Thailand.

Jason also empowers and mentors corporate executives, managers, charity directors, doctors and nurses, Chinese Medicine practitioners, complementary therapists and creative writers, through the Infinite Arts, of Tai Chi, Chi Kung and Meditation, Ling Chi Healing Art, and the Radiant Leadership programme. The teaching applies wholesome principles and practices to achieve a radiant presence, physical wellness and clarity of mind, building the foundation for success, fulfilment and creativity.

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