So much emphasis is placed on the concept of truth and the need for it can affect relationships, businesses and in extreme cases, even our liberty.

So, what is truth?

Truth is different to each and every one of us – cultural conditioning, positive and negative experiences and backgrounds all have an influence on how we view ‘truth’.  How well we are connected energetically also plays a huge factor. I know people who are economical with the truth, holding information back whilst believing they are being truthful. And then of course is are ‘false truths’ (what ‘they’ want to hear), instead of truth.

Truth can be elusive for some individuals. Living in a war zone every day facing horror, fear and mistrust is sadly, for some people, the truth. Exposing the truth of an abusive relationship can be too much to bear for some, the resulting trauma bonding creates a ‘secret society’ of hidden truth.

Purgatory, karma and truth.

When we are economical with the truth, we are engaging in neglectful purgatory of the self causing karmatic implications that eventually will lead to bigger life lessons and experiences. Consequence equals Karma.

I knew someone who manipulated situations in her life to an extent that she affected the life of people around her. We will call this student Jane. Jane was unhappy and although seemingly a good friend and mentor deliberately led people away from fulfilling their dreams and life journey.  She enjoyed the manipulation and whispers of doubt.

Jane accumulated Karma by her actions. Purged herself daily.  Jane thought she was clever, removed from both purging and karma. She had done nothing wrong.  Any choices had been made by individuals.  ‘Nothing to do with me!”  Jane was astounded when I pointed out her behaviour and continual seeding/manipulating had accumulated eons of the same practices. She seeded and controlled with fear.

Jane worked from the side lines; promoting doubt, criticism, insecurity, fear and vulnerability. However subtle Jane’s actions were on the surface, they were significant karmatically.


No one knows completely how the mind works.  My work has shown me how the subconscious mind will skew variable truths. Conditioning and emotional experiences create ‘schemas’ – patterns of behaviour with emotional reaction, skewing mindsets and beliefs. For instance, I see people who are ‘trauma bonded’ to events/scenarios/shocking experiences, still being driven by their past traumatic experiences. When ‘in trauma’ we see things from a heightened experience of fear, the fight and flight drive of survival rules without the softening of logic or reason. 

Truth and purity go hand in hand

When we live in truth, we live from the heart. In an age of transition from the overdeveloped left mind to living from the HeARt. Living truth is a journey of self-discovery and self-development. We need to reject mindsets of olde. Purity is the Soul’s goal – to enhance upshifted frequencies from the heart. Essentially when living from the heart, untruths are rare as we own our words and deeds, we have discernment and spatial awareness in consciousness and are aware of others, and their needs. By being honest, we are at peace in our environment and what we are creating in it. Living from the HeARt and truth is an awakening of consciousness.

The King’s New Clothes

Are you aware marketing is full of untruths?  Do you follow in awe of the false truths paraded on our TVs and social media?  Are you being hoodwinked into living the ‘king’s new clothes’?

False marketing ‘great king’s invisible clothes’ as a ‘must have’ and ‘way to live’ is delivering a world of fake ideals.  It can be a challenge to discern slick marketing campaigns, professing to do so much, yet still we are left wanting.

It is time, with training, to engage in action, we need to make decisions of truth. No one can do it for us, we need to use discernment in our daily life. Truth is more than mindfulness.  We need to watch our words but also learn what not to do. Karma re-establishes, rebalances, teaches us not to duplicate injustice and cause harm to ourselves and others.

Grounding helps

Being ‘fully present’ in the body enables us to take control of our lives and be responsible for our actions. Awakening is about getting to purity, the ‘zero point’ of negativity – ditching the accumulation of ages past.

We need to decide what truth is for us; find the inner self; stand on our own two feet and be accountable – not follow like sheep. We need to ignore false and fake news.  Question the beliefs from cultural and historic lineage – is it still authentic?


Do not jump without checking through your HeARt, it is an area we ignore and forget we have. Try for a day; instead of thinking and making decisions through the mind, go into the heart and make the choice. Ask yourself “Does it make my heart sing or sink?” If it sinks, then it is not for you. If the heart sings you will feel happy and excited about the choice. The HeART only works with purity and truth.

Our growth is about recognising our authentic self; honour, tolerance and respect for self and others; respect for humanity, Gaia, life. We live in transformational times, out with the old and in with new humanitarian concepts. We have become desensitised to ourselves but are now on our way to embrace new, authentic concepts of love, compassion, tolerance and purity.  The sooner we recognise our internal reality, the sooner we can make changes for the better.

Truth is purity of mind and heart

Discernment is a quality awakened with our 6th senses and 4th HeARt chakra opening – a sense of inner knowing. The mind will skew and be hypnotised into believing false truths driven by mind and emotion: however, the heart works with discernment and CAN recognise truth!

Go into your heart chakra and find out who you are. This is a very different world to the mind, holding memories of hurt, lack and harsh living. The heart chakra is affected by lack and hurt, closing to the onslaught of emotional bombardment, certainly energetic closure, affects our physical heart; under-supported by energetics and plummets in physical decline.

Heal and realign by connecting to your heart chakra.  This simple exercise will help to empty negative storage areas accumulated and stop daily absorption of negativity.

Exercise: Our Heart Chakra is in the middle of the chest (between breasts), aligned to the physical heart. See the heart chakra as a flower – how many petals do you hold in that space? I have met those who have no petals, others 2-10 showing numbness and neglect at a heart energetic level. Truth is, we can have billions of heart petals giving us support daily, moving us out of harsh living and connecting us to peace, stability and enhanced living. Turn on your internal support system, turn on the LiGHt.  Don’t live the suffering of ages. Ditch it, don’t live it. Live truth and peace.

My Chakra CD ‘Healing and Balancing for the Body’ helps to guide with clear steps for individual learning to look after our energetics. How to forgive the past and embrace NOW awakening inner GOLD processes to support and awaken.

See website for Shell of Soul Book which explains more about karma and energetics.

D.A.R.E Induction/Secrets of Universal Life is an advanced CPD Wisdom-active training a fast approach to jettisoning past influences for awakening, enhanced living receiving the Golden Dream of peace, using daily discernment avoiding pitfalls and purging of the self. 

Take charge of your life and live TRUTH

Joy Wisdom; Founder, Author and award-winning excellence in training

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