We must deliver ourselves with help of our minds … for one who has conquered the mind, the mind is the best of friends

How any masks do you have in your wardrobe? I once had so many masks to cope with daily life and illness, that my internal wardrobe was bursting! Each new step to healing prompted me into a new healing modality.

Taking me to a world of new approaches to health other than prescribed drugs. Many of these therapies I believe were amazing steppingstones to gaining my life back, and in the process helping many others too. I have been in the field of healing modalities now for over 30 years – I have delved into many phenomenal energies and modalities, and yet never have I found such profound release and peace as with my Metaphysical Anatomy practice. Not only am I a practitioner of this modality, but I am proud to be a teacher of Level 1, and various other associated courses.

Evette Rose created this therapy in response to her own life’s hardships, emotions and illness. She has spent years extensively researching into the human mind and how the body reacts to stress. These stresses can come from so many different sources, ancestral (epigenetics), conception, womb, childhood and even adulthood. In fact, Evette has written an amazing book which covers 679 ailments and their possible medical and psychological causes. We practitioners jokingly call it the big book. It is called Metaphysical Anatomy. Volume 1.

As with any therapy, experiencing it is the way to understand it. We take the issue presented by exploring the emotions related to it, and then by looking at the bodies instinctual responses that became wired in at the time of the incident/issue. As humans we do not process our traumas in a healthy way, storing them as confused and often upsetting memories, which continually get ‘fired off’ by the normal experiences in life. The sessions work on releasing the links between the emotions and the instincts and allowing the client to move into a higher energy releasing worn-out repetitive patterns that hold our lives back. Metaphysical Anatomy gives your subconscious mind emotional body and Meta field a voice, working with everything from pain, ailments and emotional blockages. Through this process we can effortlessly relieve stress and old traumatic memories without having to relive them. We recognise the importance of trauma and why unresolved trauma is significant for a person’s wellbeing and emotional state. Trauma comes from a person feeling unsafe. What makes Metaphysical Anatomy different from other therapies is that 80% plus of the time we do not require the client to talk about or re-experience trauma in order to resolve it. In fact, a person can often resolve trauma easily through identifying its hidden benefit (known as secondary gain), without discussing the actual trauma. Breaking through emotional, psychological and spiritual barriers to release you to live your life, to the fullest expression of you.

My life since practising this modality has change unbelievably and exceptionally for the better. I have peeled away the layers of childhood traumas and the scars of a 30 year-long narcissistic relationship. I was not sure what to expect on attending Level 1 live in London. I volunteered to be the case history for one of the sessions. I had often suffered with dangerously high B.P and a continual ‘internal shake’, nothing I had worked with previously had been effective. My adrenals were pretty shot and I had suffered with ME for years. In the session, just working with how this emotion made me feel, I was suddenly transported by my subconscious mind back into my mother’s womb. Here, amazing revelations were given to me – I realised that this ‘shake’ was not entirely caused by my emotions, I had taken on my mother’s fears of having yet another miscarriage, and her not wishing to connect emotionally to the pregnancy – I felt very unconnected to her.

This had manifested as never feeling quite safe anywhere.

Well, from that day forward I have never had the ‘shake’ again, and a persistent back ache also vanished. I have now become a teacher of this amazing technique. Each day I am so happy to be me and to work with amazing souls all around the world from my workspace at home. I love the testimonials of powerful changes in people’s lives. Most of all I love the changes in me, I am feeling so alive and integrated with my soul’s journey. Why not join on this journey?

If you are interested in learning more please do not hesitate to message me at Facebook, energetics engineer.

Article by Krystyna Lawson

Email. energeticsengineer@gmail.com

And my website is www.theenergeticsengineer.com

Anyone booking via this article will be given a £10.00 discount on their first booking.

You cannot start the next chapter of your life if you keep re-reading the last one.e if you keep re-reading the last one.

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