Faith Healing has been around for centuries and is known to work very effectively. The key to successful healing is the amount of positive and pure vibration/energy we can route or funnel through us to transmute negativity in others – the purer our mind and body, the higher the frequency.

Today, there are an enormous range of healing modalities; Light, Reiki, Angelic and Crystal Healing – all variations of the same theme, each with different healing beliefs and practices.

Each and every empath, sensitive and healer holds a wealth of knowledge and understanding and in these unprecedented times, we need to share and help humanity with our gifts of healing and compassion. As an empath and sensitive, healing is a way of life.

We are privileged to receive internal activations and should use ‘energy’ unconditionally, developing compassion and loving ways to help each other and ourselves.  The sacred gift of our healing skills makes us stronger and happier as they unite our self (auric four bodies) and reveal our true purpose – our role in life.  The long-term angelic or spirit plan enlightens our knowledge – we use the higher vibrations to help support society, humanity and the environment globally.

Of course, a little selfishness and conditions still exists with the healing profession. We become a Shell of Soul when we stifle or misuse our gifts and limit our potential and growth.

Spiritual development and healing are a two-way street especially at this time when society is facing such perilous times. Mortality figures are growing daily, people are feeling vulnerable and are trying to make sense of the unknown and to survive.

Life in 2021 was akin to living in a war zone not unlike our grandparents and great grandparents. In the USA more people have died from the C19 pandemic than did in WWII. Unseen by the human eye this perpetrator crept upon us leaving the world in jeopardy.

Have you sent good thoughts or healing to someone who is ill and made a difference? Did they feel supported in their time of need?  Just imagine the effect of receiving mass healing when suffering from C19 – what a difference that would make!

Time for Action

In 2021 we are being called upon by spirit to spring into action – to help society with the healing, compassionate and sensitive skills we are proud to hold. This is the clarion call for healers, sensitives, empaths, lightworkers, new kids, indigos, crystals and cosmics to speed up LIGHT connections and 6th sense abilities and put them into action immediately. They don’t just work with nurses and medical staff – send them to humanity and upshift everyone’s worlds to a better place.

Humanity needs you now!

United and structured, we can achieve mammoth and tangible change.  We are a strong force capable of making a big impact upon humanity reducing fear, stabilising consciousness. We have skills to assist humanity and the time is now. Don’t keep it to yourself – put faith into action. Put your skills to bigger and better use in these times of need. Don’t wait or hesitate… Humanity needs you now!

Wherever you live send a blanket of healing en-mass. Start in your home, neighbourhood, city, country, continent rippling further and further across the world.

  1. Daily send healing to front-line workers 8am & 8pm.
  2. 1pm daily send ‘healing energy’ to all C19 victims to speed-up recovery. Support those in fear, grief, devastation and loss. Additional slots 4pm-10pm-12p
  3. Please Offer FREE digital tasters for stressed, depressed and lonely people etc. within your community.

Share this information with friends, healing groups and contacts as we come together to radiate a mammoth blanket of support en-mass across the world. With focus and intention for just 15-30 minutes we can make enormous change.

Think BIG

Some of you will already be working singularly or in small groups which is wonderful. Thinking BIG makes all the difference. United we are strong and can make a vast difference to humanity.  If you are not a trained healer you can still join in, send love, compassion and gratitude from your heart to all hearts – sufferers will feel the love. Make a start today with family and friends – send courage and strength to help people cope with the strain of their day. Be inspired, listen to your heart and let angelic qualities flow. Turn faith into action with ONE HeART and ONE MIND.

Joy Wisdom

Founder of Allonus CMA approved training college

LiGht Healing programme – advanced personal and spiritual development

Awarded D.A.R.E Body-Mind-Emotion revolutionary practitioners training  You tube and webinars

life is precious by Joy Wisdom

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