Since the recent and very unexpected passing of a close friend, I have found myself becoming more and more reflective. I guess losing someone without much warning does that – we start trying to put this temporal life into perspective, don’t we?

As we all know Life can be absolutely amazing or absolutely awful, usually somewhere in between, the highs and lows can feel like a roller coaster leaving us feeling breathless and unsteady.  And yet there is no doubt that everything we experience is a huge learning curve – of course, we only realise this as we get older, (one of the few benefits we get in our later years), when we have learnt to navigate our way through life’s challenges.

The wisdom comes from knowing how to handle life’s lessons. If we are good students the lesson can be plain sailing but if we are stubborn, or allow our egos to persuade us we are in charge, we can find ourselves in stormy seas.

Over the years, I have learnt to take in 3 deep breaths and make the sound of ‘Ohm’ which calms me down immediately. Breathe in new energy and breathe out old energy and start all over again. It works, try it – I know, I’ve practised it a lot.

People who live ‘happy lives’ are not necessarily blessed with abundance, success, love or wealth but they have have been blessed with the gift of peacefulness and perseverance, of being able to appreciate the good things –gratitude is an important ingredient in the recipe for happiness. It sounds so simple doesn’t it, but it is true. Focus on the good stuff and more will arrive.

It this feels a long way off for you, it might be an idea to do some inner work; meditation, mindfulness, yoga etc can help lift your vibration into a healthier space for your future and pave the way to developing your spiritual understanding of the world, in particular the spiritual laws of the universe.

The Law of Attraction for example says that by telling the universe what you want,  it will happen for you. The secret is to let go of your ego and trust in the Universe.

A simple shift in attitude can help us remain, balanced, centred and calm in every event, no matter what the outcome. By having the right mindset, joy and happiness can be our constant companions.

Trust the universe to guide you and help you in all that you do. The universe is often a troublesome and unnerving place, and human beings tend to be set to a negative default.

So, by making the most of your opportunities, by looking closely and recognizing when a ‘lesson’ presents itself, you can create a world of positivity and abundance. Sometimes the lessons come from our families, often in the most surprising and unexpected ways. By seeing these lessons as gifts from the Universe, we can learn to be forgiving, tolerant and patient with our ‘teachers’ and avoid so much conflict and disharmony.

We are all here breathing in the same air so why not be happy and content with your lot? Put the material stuff to one side and try to make sense of your life.  Peace will truly follow. A simple gesture can so often mean more than an expensive gift – a smile when you’re sad, a flower from a stranger, a child’s laugh. How liberating it would be if we didn’t feel the need to be rich enough, pretty enough, trendy enough, have the right postcode, have a fab car…

Basic qualities of kindness, compassion, understanding, consideration, patience and tolerance are priceless – use these tools properly, one step at a time, and the universe will answer all questions and guide you.

Affirmations can be powerful tools also – repeat often  I am Balanced;  I am Abundant,;  I am Love; I am Peaceful; I Forgive; I am Magical; I am Heart Centred; I am Empowered; I Believe; I Manifest; I feel Tranquil; I see with Clarity; I am Joyful; I Unblock and Release; I am Self-Confident; I am Grounded; I feel Harmony; I am Enlightened.

Do your very best each day, try to be happy, be grateful for your blessings, be honest and have integrity. Always remember, life is a classroom for you to learn life’s lessons. Your happy vibes will raise the vibration of everyone around you.



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