For many years, scientists have wondered about the possible therapeutic effects of magnets.

Vets have been using magnetic therapy effectively for treatments of horses for many years,  (particularly racehorses to help relieve symptoms of arthritis, aches and pains) and particularly in recent years, there is scientific evidence to show that magnets are effective in the management of many health benefits including alleviating menopausal symptoms and more.

Consultant Surgeon, Dr. Tena Walters (MBBS FRCS MS) has conducted research with evidence to prove that magnetic therapy is a viable treatment method.

“ We know that MRI scanners work by polarizing the protons in water. The body is composed of at least 70% water and hydrogen ions are positively charged. An MRI scanner exerts a powerful magnetic field which stabilizes the protons, a second pulse of charged magnetic field is then applied which causes the protons to rotate and an image is created by measuring the different degrees of rotation within the different tissues. It is possible that by applying a static magnetic field to an area of the body could cause the protons to align and therefore reduce movement and reduce an inflammatory response.

We also know that the red blood cells contain iron in the form of haemoglobin and that is attracted by a magnetic field. This is currently being used therapeutically to cleanse blood of sepsis by a process similar to dialysis. It is also possible therefore that the application of a magnetic field to an area of the body could affect the way in which the blood flows in that area. Improvement in the blood flow to the area would promote healing.

The neurological system functions rather like an electrical current, which is made up of electrons, negatively charged particles. Again a magnetic field would have a significant influence on the way in which this functions. Some proponents of magnetic therapy believe that the magnetic field has a significant influence on the autonomic nervous system and this may explain the profound effect of magnetic therapy on the management of menopausal symptoms.

There are several different mechanisms, which could be acting in different ways. It is important for us to maintain an open mind about therapeutic potential of magnetic treatment and investigate the effects and mechanisms scientifically. I feel that this is very exciting area for new research. ”

Dr. Tena Walters’ expertise in magnetic therapy comes from over 20 years of working with breast cancer patients, who often suffer menopausal symptoms because of the effects of chemotherapy or the drug tamoxifen. While many drugs have traditionally been prescribed to help with these symptoms, the one solution I’ve found to be of most benefit is a small magnetic device which can also help young girls with menstrual symptoms or general aches and pains.

Devices like the MAGNETIX Power Hearts, which contain powerful neodymium magnets which have decorative counter plates allowing them to be reliably attached to clothing and bandages and can be worn particularly close to the body – just where you want it. Small but effective, these Power Hearts can be fastened to your clothing to target specific problem areas. Examples of use can include your back, shoulders, neck, knees and other joints. Simply place them where you want to target pain and let the magic begin.

In one uncontrolled trial of 504 self-selected women, levels of suffering were significantly reduced after the use of magnets. Over 50% saw an improvement in menopausal symptoms in the first month, with 75% seeing an improvement in three months. There is also a new sepsis treatment where blood is taken out of the body, then fed through a machine containing magnets to distil out the inflamed parts and then fed back into the body – so there are definite therapeutic uses to magnets being increasingly used in a wide variety of areas.

“What I would say is the exact mechanism of how those benefits is achieved isn’t fully understood yet and we definitely need more studies, but anecdotally from the women I’ve treated, I believe in a few years’ time magnets will be used more and more for a wide variety of ailments. It’s no surprise to me that people say they have helped with leg ulcers and sore joints.

In May I presented a paper published in the European Journal of Surgical Oncology to the Association of Breast Surgeons in Belfast, and I believe many more papers will be published in due course to explore the efficacy and use of magnets in the future. There is such a groundswell in terms of word of mouth amongst the women I speak with, I think the use of magnets in healthcare is unstoppable. ”

Research studies have shown magnets can not only act as an alternative method for treating a number of conditions – from arthritis to menstrual pain, migraines, sports injuries and more – but also improve overall wellbeing.

To find out more about the incredible effects and benefits of magnetic therapy, Dr. Tena Walters is available to offer any support, evidence, more information or statistics on this topic. She is also happy to partake in any Q&A’s and offer expert comments.

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