This article is dedicated to The Light. It would be disingenuous of me not to acknowledge the unhappiness and darkness that assaults our senses on a daily basis.

The world seems in turmoil with one terrible event following another and at times like these it is so hard not to become negative.

But by doing so we are simply adding our dark thoughts and fears to the pool of negativity which only makes the darkness deeper. So what can we do to help? What part can we play in the world, which is full of change and in a state of flux, when nothing seems certain any more, when chaos appears to reign?

Now, some spiritual teachers will advise us not to watch or listen to the news. To not be dragged into this pool of negativity, to simply send light into the world. For some that attitude works and their hearts are not touched by individual events which they feel are beyond their power to affect. Some of us however, feel it is our duty to at least keep up with current affairs, to follow the news in some way. Some listen to the radio, others catch up with world events via social media whilst others watch the television for their news. Personally, I do try to follow events by listening to the radio. I do not have to watch terrible images of man’s inhumanity to man and this suits me well but I would not have myself ignorant. I do feel a certain responsibility to be aware. If I do not know what is going on how can I direct loving light to those in need? This is merely an observation, there is no right or wrong, as we are all different as so we should be.

In our lives, which are merely a microcosm of the whole, it is sometimes hard to call upon the light. When we are in a slew of despondency it is most difficult to “rise above” our feelings of hurt or rejection. When we are sensitive to the energy surrounding us these unpleasant experiences are greatly magnified. We may feel that we have been judged and condemned harshly or unfairly and it is very difficult to overcome the feelings of inadequacy these judgments can bring to the surface of our minds and hearts. We all have “dark nights of the soul” when it feels impossible to remain optimistic, when we really cannot see the positive in anything. We can hand it over to our angels or whatever we believe in, ask them to take this negativity away from us, to guide us towards the light but sadly, when we are feeling so low and unworthy, it is most difficult to pass it over. Yes we can pray and perhaps feel a little release but how quickly does the problem assault our thoughts yet again. And I consider those of us who have faith are the lucky ones – I cannot imagine how people without faith and hope and the belief in a higher power can possibly rise above the vicissitudes of life.

Try to imagine how the earth and its inhabitants must look to a ministering angel looking down on us. Their sole purpose is to help humanity, to guide us towards the peace we all long for.  The darkness surrounding the earth must be so very hard to penetrate, it must be like looking through a fog or a black cloud. How then can they reach us? I believe that through this darkness little pinpricks of light can be seen. These little pinpricks represent those who work for the good of mankind in whatever way they can; offering a helping hand; a smile; a listening ear; by their unconditional love and of course by their loving thoughts be it prayer or any other method of sending light to those in need. And that light does get through – the angels can see those little lights becoming a chink in the armour or darkness.

Without the darkness how should we know light? Without despair how can we know joy? Without grief how could we know love? There is light and shade in everything. I once read that evil (not a word I much like) is only good taking the wrong path.

Despite the darkness we all face, those of us who are light workers have a vast resource of help to tap into. In these dark times it is more important than ever that we reach up to that Light. How do we do that? We can pray. Pray for guidance, pray for the angels of Light to draw ever closer to us, pray that our hearts may be lifted up and all hurt and anguish dissipated and released. It is hard to do admittedly, but so necessary for the well being of this world. A smile, a gentle touch, compassion and of course love for our fellow beings are the ammunition which all of us who want to make the world a better place carry with us. Let us remember to shine!

Kathy Searle

More to Life Elder

The Seekers Trust Christian Healing Centre

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