22 December – 20 January

As you watch the door opening right in front of you, there is a sense of curiosity and inquisitiveness as you try to peek through the gap to see what’s on the other side. There’s no doubt you’ve worked hard to reach this point as you have strived towards your goals for years. Although life has often got in the way, you’ve never let them go and they have always held a place in your heart. You have kept your head down and focused on keeping on keeping on, trying to get from where you were to where you felt you needed to be. The path may have felt bleak at times and there have been countless challenges to face along the way, but your steely determination and realism have kept you grounded and able to navigate these challenges as and when they arrived. For a while you came to expect challenge, and this did seem to narrow the path somewhat as it closed the door to your dreams and kept you focused on keeping on keeping on rather than on expanding your horizons. Fortunately this started to shift, and you are now in a position of choice and expansion.

The door opening in front of you holds behind it everything and nothing at the same time, this may sound strange as what use would nothing be? Well, your dreams aren’t just about things to do and goals to achieve, they also involve your desire to attain a state of being that brings you a deeper sense of peace and balance in life. The door holds everything and nothing because there is great wisdom in nothing as it allows you to breathe freely into life. Nothing is more than the absence of something, it’s freedom, space and a place to be. Balance is the key now…

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