22 December – 20 January

Taking a big breath of life looks set to be a powerful theme for you throughout February as you begin to ask yourself some deep and probing questions in connection to what makes you truly happy. You are a wise and determined soul, and you push ahead in life, doing the best you can and trying to keep everyone happy. You work hard to tick all the boxes off of your ‘to do’ list of life, and whilst you are undoubtedly making good progress with your list, every time you tick an item off, another one appears. Although you have reluctantly accepted this, it seems you have lost sight of the bigger picture as your list feels quite pedestrian and mundane, as though it’s there because it has to be there and so lacks fun, excitement and adventure. In short, your ‘to do’ list is more a list of ought’s, must’s and should’s, and your hopes and dreams are slowly gathering dust on a shelf tucked away in the recesses of your soul.

At some point you switched from being the carefree, passionate and creative soul to focusing on keeping on keeping on. Whilst this has seen you achieve a great deal, you started to measure success by the number of ticks on the list, leaving little room for magic or sparkle, and you’re keen to get this back now! So, as you take a big deep breath of life, expect those dreams to come floating back up to the surface of your soul as you seem ready now to start a new ‘to do’ list that focuses on what truly makes you happy. It’s time to grab life with both hands, to let go of the list and to measure your happiness by the warmth within your soul…

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