23 November – 21 December

As you continue to ride gracefully on the leading edge of the wave of life, there is a sense that you are nearing a shift in current and instead of feeling as though you’re pushing against the currents, January looks set to carry you towards pastures new. Your determination and mettle need to be rewarded as you have kept going, even when life has felt against you, but intuitively you knew you needed to keep moving forward as standing still was creating a stagnancy within you. Of course, pushing hard against the currents has inevitably created layers of self-doubt within you as you doubted you were doing the right thing, it also created an aura of energetic fatigue as it was jolly hard work at times trusting your intuition even though all the signs were suggesting you should stop and go back.

So, here you find yourself being carried along by a wave of passion and enthusiasm, taking you in the direction you had worked so hard to reach, but there is a sense of doubt rising up from within you as you seem unsure if you are actually ready to keep going! It’s as though now what you have been aiming for is nearly here, you’re not quite sure if it’s truly what you want. For anyone else, this would be a questionable state of affairs, however for you this is perfectly natural as you are fast moving and ever-changing, so what seemed right only yesterday may not feel right today. It’s important to know that it’s never too late to shift your focus, nor is it better to keep going just because you feel you should. Listen to your intuition as it’s your best friend and guide; this is a golden opportunity to review your path and to choose your next steps with wisdom and self-belief…

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