23 November – 21 December

As you continue to contemplate the bigger picture of your life, there is a sense that you are beginning to wholeheartedly lighten the load by letting go of a great deal. You have always been one for collecting ideas, skills and possibilities, keeping them all tucked away in case they one day become useful. As a result, you have learned a great deal, but you have also started to stand a little more hunched as the weight of that backpack is exponential! It’s time now to have the confidence to set yourself free, to trust that the skills and ideas you need will stay with you and to let the rest go. March looks set to be a month that is both liberating and invigorating, as you begin to stoke the fires of your soul. You are a passionate and compassionate free spirit; carrying such a huge backpack acts like a tether keeping you in one place, bringing you self-doubt and frustration. Although your intentions behind the backpack were good, it stopped serving a positive purpose quite some time ago.

It’s hard to let it go because it represents to much hard work and so many dreams, however that hard work and those dreams won’t vanish just because you put the backpack down. It’s time to start believing in yourself and realising that no size of backpack will ever be enough to replace your tenacity, wit and innovative skills. Thriving in life isn’t about carrying around possibilities and ideas, it’s about living those possibilities and ideas to the best of your ability. Stop feeling like you’re not enough or that you need to do more, be more or achieve more as you are so much more than you could ever truly know. Have the courage to believe in yourself, step beyond the backpack and be free…

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