21 January – 19 February

You are, in many ways, a robust and resolute soul, and you have faced more than your fair share of obstacles recently. Whilst you’re still standing strong, there is a slight sense of soul-level weariness hidden deep in your eyes, visible only to those who know you truly well. It’s understandable to feel a little weary, but rather than honour this and rest, you can’t help but feel slightly irritated with yourself for not pushing on, doing more and achieving more. The perfectionist in you wants perfection even though your body and soul are shouting ‘enough!’. It therefore seems clear that February is a month to take heed of your deeper self in order to establish a new sense of balance in your life. This isn’t about giving up, it’s about knowing when to rest and when to stop giving yourself such a ferociously hard time for not being perfect.

Being yourself and loving yourself for it are important now as you begin to re-align and re-centre after months of disequilibrium and challenge; the only way to listen to your heart and soul is to breathe deeply and love yourself exactly as you are. Perfection places impossible pressures on you as it keeps your life out of reach leaving you feeling as though you’re somehow not good enough or you’ve not tried hard enough. In many ways the desire for perfection is a protection mechanism as it keeps you distracted and away from looking at your deeper self. If you were to pause, breathe and gaze deeply within you will see your perfectly imperfect self looking for your love and compassion. Life cannot be measured by ‘perfection’, life is about breathing deeply, listening to your true needs, living well, loving well and feeling joy in your heart and soul…

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