21 January – 19 February

ou have always been one to see life from a slightly different perspective to most people, it’s as though you see the things that others miss and hear things that others don’t hear. It’s not that they lack the ability to do these things, but they do lack the ability you have to wholeheartedly open up your senses to the world in which you live. At the same time you do pay attention, and this is a skill that is sadly lacking for a lot of people today. You are also empathic, and your intuition is finely tuned, so you pick up so much more than most. Of course, whilst this enables you to sense so much, it can also be extremely challenging as it can be hard to switch it off and there are times when you go into sensory overload and need to find a quiet room away from others in order to re-establish a sense of balance once again.

Your open-ness enables you to read people extremely well and you can usually tell a great deal about others even when they don’t speak. As a result, you are usually ahead of the game when it comes to conversations and learning as you can gauge the flow before it even starts. However, there are times when your awareness lets you down and you can’t quite get in sync with others, and this can leave you feeling discombobulated and confused as it feels as though something has gone wrong, but this is simply your consciousness switching off for a while allowing you the space to focus more intently on your own path without the chatter of everything echoing through your head.  January looks set to bring you such a moment to enable you to re-shape and re-define your way of living and being…

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