We never know when the call will come. By this I don’t mean anything as dramatic as the final curtain going down but rather when the call for the soul to awaken comes.   We can spend time in meditation and attunement and it is in these moments when we hope that we will receive a moment of enlightenment.   It is so uplifting when we have wonderful meditations and we look for the symbolism behind what has been given.  Often. we feel quite euphoric about them and then life moves on until the next one.  If you have a good memory then you will remember your most meaningful meditations but if, like me, your memory is not brilliant, then you do need to write down the salient points.    

However, it is truly through the everyday experiences that a moment comes when you know you have touched something very deep. It can be so subtle, it flits in and out, like a butterfly, but for that moment it has revealed something very special and important for you – it has revealed a soul truth.   When this truth is revealed, it is not necessary to write it down, for it is a self-realization of the heart, the inner heart. And this stays with you, the lesson is learned, the certainty made known – you have unveiled a soul truth. 


We know that all our experiences in life bring us opportunities to learn, we can’t always understand why things happen, they just do and hopefully we accept them and move on.  But when the soul is ready to reveal something very deep, very fundamental it needs to bring you to the point of crisis, of almost despair, confusion, bewilderment, feelings of being lost and in a void and, perhaps, even lack of faith.   For some, this moment comes during an illness.   This is when we are at our most vulnerable.   The emotions are stirred, the mind is in turmoil – there is disbelief.  Surely, this is not how it was meant to be.    We had such hopes, aspirations for the future and now they lie in tatters all around you. Aside from the emotions and the mental turmoil you are also dealing with the physical problems. We may ask ourselves: Why did this happen?  What have I got to learn from this? What is it all about?     

It is then, when we are virtually on our knees, that the call comes. When we have nowhere else to go, we can only go within.  This is the time that the soul has waited for, the time when we are naked of all outer things, and all we have is ourselves, the real us, the inner self.   We cannot take anyone else with us because this is our journey – the journey of the soul. 


Gently, the soul pulls us into the inner journey. The journey that takes us from real despair to simple realisation.  It shows us the Truth, the truth of the soul, the truth of the spirit.  With this realisation comes revelation. We begin to understand at a much subtler and deeper level the meaning of our soul qualities and the need to be strong and true to ourselves. To be true to ourselves is so very important. We need to stand up for our own truth, our own integrity but we do it with gentleness and with deep human understanding.   When we have faced our shadows, when we have accepted and understood our own frailties, it is therefore so much easier to understand others. 

It is easy to contemplate this – it is harder to actually live it. But the soul is now stronger, it has more courage and has seen clearer pathways. We need to respond to that call.   When we do, slowly and little by little, revelations do come. We find little inspirations just dropping into our minds. We know the journey was never going to be easy but at least now we know that we have been given all the tools and aids that we can possibly need to continue. Because the clear pathways leads straight onto and beyond the horizon, we never see the end but no matter it is the journey that is important and how we walk it.     

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