I started 2020 knowing I would be isolated and restricted until June due to two operations (January and March) to reconstruct my leg. Recovery time would be slow, I was prepared for a long haul. I have spent nine months of isolation with a pandemic raging throughout the world.

No one has a magic wand to heal the times we live in today

As shock ripples through the world and with no precedent to follow, global leaders and governments are muddling through unknown territory turning to science for answers, searching for ways to save lives and keep economies stable. What an unenviable task.

Scientists are overwhelmed with the urgency of finding a vaccine, they are learning fast but something so important takes time to evolve. The clock is ticking.

As we hit the dismal figure of one million fatalities across the world, we are witnessing the best and worst of human nature. Whilst some follow advice and remain responsible, others are blatantly and selfishly ignoring guidelines preferring to bury their heads in the sand causing innocent people to suffer, spikes to rise and further lockdowns be imposed. The government are trying to bring order with curfews and fines. Regular outbursts of indignation and misunderstand are common in the media as people, afraid and anxious, look for someone to blame.

Journey Through Pandemic to Unity
Journey Through Pandemic to Unity

We are learning. We don’t all tick or perceive in the same way

All that we have held dear for generations is being compromised; the NHS, international travel, the arts, places of education are compromised as the resurgence of this virus causes division within society and challenges the stability we have taken for granted for so long.

We are all remembering that sense of ‘oneness’ that holds people together in a crisis

The international community is sharing and amassing knowledge; there is unity in decision making and positive thinking. New networks, large and small enterprises with innovative ideas, (rational and big thinking ‘light bulb’ moments) are bending with the times and working together to find solutions.

As ‘neighbours’ we have witnessed a wonderful appreciation for life through kindness and compassion – postmen dressing-up in different outfits to cheer customers, folk volunteering to be of assistance. We have been inspired by ‘Captain Tom’s inspiration who having lived through crisis before called upon the country to show our appreciation to the NHS.

Will we ever forget cheering those who kept our emergency systems going? The selflessness of those professionals who continued putting their own lives at risk instilled compassion and love in all of us.

We are all on a learning curve

Medics are learning new ways to treat and save the lives of those infected whilst others explore the virus itself – Oxford University has identified 200 strains of C19. Others are recognising the groups in society more vulnerable to this chronic disease.

We are learning about Unity

None of us like change. We prefer to cling to what we know but our comfort zones are being challenged and a lot of people are looking for someone to blame – Boris Johnson’s government seems to be the focus of attention. We are feeling vulnerable and unnerved by the threat of losing all we hold dear; careers, homes, family even. We crave reassurance that it will all be okay by someone who knows how to fix things.

We are certainly living in a time of mindfulness. Sensible, responsible action is found in most of society but to be effective, we each need to take the innovative and look at what we can do to make the situation easier for our environment and society.

Unity is required for us to arrive on the other side of C19 pandemic

A united front with all government leaders in this country and on the international stage supporting and listening to each other. A task force of union.

The Plus Side

Working at home has been a positive experience for many –raking back personal ‘me’ family time. Health and sleep have improved and the pressure has lifted from the treadmill of work. There has been more time for relaxation and of course pollution levels have noticeably reduced, the air is somehow clearer. There is more awareness about the environment and what need to do to protect our planet, selves and animal welfare.

Realising family is precious and returning to homely basic traditions, family involvement, togetherness has been important, with fewer places to visit, families are having meals together and spending time in each other’s company. People are turning to crafts, home-baking and old hobbies like knitting and gardening.

Pragmatists have taken the opportunity to catch up with long ‘to do’ lists. It has been an opportunity to read, listen to music, clear out filing cabinets, wardrobes and garden sheds.

The internet has played a huge part in helping; shopping online has soared and communication platforms like Zoom have been a lifesaver for so many; for business and in easing the isolation of not being able to visit loved ones.


Many of us have used this time effectively; as a healer and founder of Allonus LiGHt healing, I called on my students and other Healing groups to support globally. Daily time slots of healing globally, supporting from the wrath of Covid19 are helping to reduce fear and are sending inner strength to those on the front lines. A big job.

Learning to be pragmatic is key to surviving this time. Some people are here to lead others through the evolutional changes happening on Earth. We all need to take part in the process, unifying society and identifying cracks that need correction as humanity evolves to new frontiers.

Universe Works in a Myriad of Ways

Transitioning to higher consciousness and realising life is vital. Each life stream is worthy and deserves acknowledgement as we are all ONE. United thinking is on its way … ‘Prevention’ is the key word and ‘action’ – then we will be back in control. We need to move out of ‘I’ mentality and into ‘We’ Unity consciousness. The sooner we live ‘Unity’ the sooner restrictions will dissolve.

Joy Wisdom

Global HeARt centred Training

Awarded visionary: Founder revolutionary Therapy and Power of 3,

ONE – UNITY – Galactic consciousness.



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