Where are the Real Lightworkers


It is a common thing nowadays to hear that someone is a ‘Lightworker’. Many people sign off their messages ‘with Love and Light’. What does this actually mean? Well, it could be literally true! 

Every time the DNA in our cells contracts, it emits an information-encoded particle of light called a biophoton. Each of these communicates to other biophotons, both inside the body and also to the field that surrounds the body. Thus our bodies’ cells are all connected by a dynamic web of light that is constantly being released and absorbed by our DNA. All living cells of plants, animals and human beings are filled with this extremely weak light, though it’s invisible to our eyes. Biophotons were first discovered by Alexander Gurwitsch in the 1920s, who received the Stalin Prize for his work.

This information-carrying biophoton light regulates the activity of all our life processes and it has a highly coherent vibration. In the 1970s, it was suggested by Dr Fritz-Albert Popp that good health is “a state of perfect subatomic coherent communication”, and ill-health is a state of communication breakdown. Popp found that when the natural cycles of our light emissions are disrupted, their coherence is lost and illnesses such as cancer ensue. So if our biophoton cellular communication is disturbed, this results in ill-health for us.

Popp even found that we can recognise carcinogenic chemicals by the fact that they disrupt these biophoton light waves. So he guessed that there may be certain compounds that have the opposite effect, helping to reset biophoton coherence and restore health. Incredibly, he discovered that mistletoe is able to return the disrupted biophoton emissions of cancer cells back to their normal state, causing cancer to go into remission!

Popp went on to use biophoton emissions as a way to measure the quality of food, the healthiest foods having the most coherent light. Then experiments in Moscow found that biophotons from a growing plant seem to increase the rate of cell division in other plants by as much as thirty per cent. Moreover, biophotons from growing eggs can encourage the growth of other eggs of a similar age. On the other hand, biophotons from mature eggs can even prevent the growth of younger eggs. So we see that biophotons from separate individuals can influence other individuals, and that biophotons can create order in a previously disordered, chaotic state, thus restoring good health.

Biophotons can be transmitted to us from our food, influencing our cells. Measurements of biophotons in food have now led to some truly amazing discoveries. The foods richest in biophotons – with the ability to bring healing information to our bodies – are wild herbs such as nettles and dandelions. In other words, these common herbs transmit weak light to us and in this way restore our health.

The ancients used wild herbs as food and this is an excellent path for us to follow. It is easy to make our own nettle soup, add young dandelion and wild garlic leaves to our salad, chop hedge mustard over salmon or make wild garlic and hedge mustard ravioli. We could also steam ground elder as a spinach-like vegetable, adding a dash of cream and a little gruyere as the Swiss do.

Different herbs have an affinity for different parts of our bodies: for instance, Hawthorn supports the heart and Elecampane supports the lungs. Perhaps the biophotons from these herbs have a ‘vibrational signature’ that perfectly matches the signature of the healthy tissue cells in our bodies, so when we ingest the herbs they transfer their healing to our cells and restore our health. Remember, it is the special quality of coherence of this weak light that gives the healing energy to our cells – it is nothing to do with how bright the light is. Furthermore, cells under higher stress tend to emit higher levels of biophotons.

Now, this is where human healers come into the story… It has been discovered only recently that our own ‘mental intentions’ can influence these biophoton emissions.  A 2012 study found that when subjects placed in a very dark environment simply imagined light, their intentionalone produced significant increases in biophoton emissions from their heads. This supported a hypothesis put forward by István Bókkon.

Our intention seems to work by affecting the emission of biophotons. Human intention can operate with highly coherent frequencies, capable of actually changing the molecular structure of matter, even at a distance. There can be spontaneous remission for even extremely ill patients, simply as a result of a genuine intention to bring about healing in another’s life. It is the biophotons who are the deliverers of healing information – and at the speed of light.

So we have seen that biophotons can influence cells not only in their own environment but even remotely in other bodies, as in the experiments on eggs and plants. Moreover, human intention can influence the output of biophotons, seen in the experiment where light was simply imagined. And if good health is the coherence of this light particle communication, whether ‘sent’ by intention or by using plant medicine, then we are beginning to understand the true nature of healing.

Every living being on this planet emits biophoton information. We truly are beings who emit, communicate with and are actually formed from light. We are Beings of Light! So yes, we really can be ‘Lightworkers’ and genuinely send one another ‘Love and Light’. We are the Light itself.

Jo Dunbar is a medical herbalist and the author of The Spirit of the Hedgerow,

a description of common wild plants, herbs and trees, their medicinal properties and ancient folklore.

Her book, fully illustrated in colour, was the winner of the Local Legend national Spiritual Writing Competition.



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