Menopause, along with menstruation, pregnancy and childbirth, are natural cycles and events in women’s lives that mirror the innate nature of the Universe to expand and change.

Culturally, this century has seen some positive changes in attitudes to menstruation, pregnancy and childbirth, but the attitude to menopause remains, in general, one of mistrust, misunderstanding and exasperation.

The Greeks wrote a little about treatment of menopausal symptoms, but as so few women lived until their menses ceased, and were considered of little economic value when no longer fertile, it’s hard to find much ‘contemporary’ history around attitude, medication or support to women in those times.

The idea of menopause being more than Nature’s mistake in reducing estrogen levels is not very widely held. Most medical advice is around replacing what has been lost. Hormone Replacement Therapies began to emerge in the 1930s and certainly, many women have and will continue to benefit from appropriate support with this treatment. But this ignores the possibility that menopause (or, more correctly, perimenopause) is a potent passage in a woman’s life. Statistics show that women can expect to live another one third of their lives beyond menopause. This is a huge leap in our evolution and opens the way for a whole new paradigm on the Planet – one in which wise, elder women can also lead, contribute and shape society.

So why do I believe this passage is potent, rather than view it as a time of upset, confusion, exhaustion and loss of fertility?  I agree that it can be all of those things and medical statistics show that around 25% of women are likely to be negatively impacted in their health during perimenopause. That’s a big number! However, I know that here are a number of pivotal events that impact a woman during the years of perimenopause, particularly from the age of 49 to 51. These are influxes of specific types of earth and stellar energy, designed to help her evolve – not just into the Matriarch archetype – with wisdom and experience to share – but also, energetically, to be reconfigured in such a way that she is open to choose to birth even more aspects of her soul’s gifts and talents.

What is happening ‘behind the scenes’ is fascinating and little spoken of or understood. I believe that within this ‘technology of menopause’ lies a huge potential that can inspire women to make necessary and appropriate life changes, and live with greater power and wisdom for the rest of their lives.

In brief, here’s an overview of the key events.

During reproductive years, two ‘gates’ operate in the base or muladhara chakra. In Yogic terms, this is an energy center that (along with many others) steps down higher energies into the human energetic, or subtle, system. This chakra is specifically the one at the base of the spine and in the pelvic floor. These two ‘gates’ allow Kundalini energy to enter the chakra and then, if no fertilization of the ovum occurs, it will flow out at menstruation. If pregnancy occurs, Kundalini energy will help support the creation of the template of the new life. However, as estrogen levels drop in later life, the ‘out’ gate closes, meaning that Kundalini cannot leave the chakra system. It’s programmed to begin its ascent up the chakra system, and therein lies one of the keys to mid-life transformation. This key lies in understanding the impact of Kundalini on our physical and psycho-spiritual systems and learning how to direct and manage it. In my experience as a menopause mentor/energy worker, misdirected or ‘stuck’ Kundalini creates issues that can appear as other challenges – hot sweats being just one of many.

Another critical event is the astrological impact of Chiron, the small planet who is symbolized by a key shape, and which holds the codes to trigger our DNA for the potential of self-healing. Chiron is depicted as a centaur in mythology; a mythical being that combines both earthly attributes and those of ‘higher’ nature. At some time between the ages of 48 – 51, Chiron returns to the place it was in your chart on the day of birth bringing with it the impetus to deeply review the places in your life where you are ‘stuck’. Some refer to this as a ‘core’ or ‘soul’ wound. It’s also seen as a passage into the underworld, that is – your own ‘underworld’ – to visit and meet aspects of yourself that you have been unable to see before. Herein lies the opportunity to heal it and move forward with greater energy and freedom. The opportunity presented is both a gift, and divine portal into receiving additional energies from Uranus and Saturn. This will assist and support you in shedding old outmoded ways of being and birthing gifts and talents already waiting in your soul’s patterning. In every way, it can be seen as a rebirth but it is also necessary for that which no longer supports you to ‘die’ away. This is one of the unseen gifts of the passage to menopause and until it is more widely understood and worked with, women will not be fully supported and will often be left feeling that the end of their useful lives is at hand. Nothing could be further from the truth. The truth is we have most to give and receive in this third ‘third’ of life.

Debs de Vries M.A. Specialist Menopause Mentor

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