Universal Principles

There are many universes and star systems with life forms that are more evolved than humanity, and in order for life on this planet to continue its evolutionary process it has to find a level of harmony and peace. Imagine if the human race were able to consciously evolve on Earth for a further 2 million years what it would become. Is it not possible to conceive that it could become like heaven? If you were able to make decisions that were for the greater good, and if life were able to make these evolutionary steps.

When I speak of the heavenly realms, they are not separate from the earth, although it is possible to experience heaven, without experiencing the earth and vice versa; Heaven and Earth are the same beingness – The ‘All That Is’, consciousness. When you refer to me, the words God and Consciousness are interchangeable. I am multifaceted and multidimensional, there is so much more that is unknown than known. The heavens are not one planet, or galaxy; they are ‘The All’.

Heavenly beings live by principles rather than being ruled by their emotions. The basic principle of all life within the heavens is that there is One Source of all creation and all life within all creation is manifested from this One Source. This truth has been forgotten on earth. There is an understanding that for life to reach its evolutionary pinnacle, for the heavens to experience harmony and continue to evolve, they must always exist within this truth. To forget, is to fall in consciousness. Consciousness is this source, I am this source, and nothing is separate from me – Oneness is the centre of everything.

Truth is the next principle and the cornerstone of everything. Consciousness can only move into truth when all is transparent. The beings of heaven are transparent; they speak and live their truth. There is no need to deceive or lie; only the truth is spoken. If you can conceive of a world like this, then you will be moving towards the conscious level needed. Presently, many lie to yourselves and others. Herein lies a fundamental difference with life in the heavenly realms.

In heaven all is transparent and the idea of hiding anything would not even be thought of. This is not an innocent or naïve choice; it is the wisest and the strongest choice. Life in heaven is completely transparent and honest, and it works phenomenally well. On the earth, whilst there is dishonesty, your life can never be truly equal and fair in the way that you would like it to be.

Love God, love thy neighbour, and love yourself. This is upheld in heaven – it is not taught in heaven, it just is. Within heaven, I am loved, for without Source there is no life. Each day there is gratitude for the many blessings received. From nothing, life spawned forth and that inspires the most profound feeling of love. This is honoured, worshipped and recognised each day. Nothing is more important than the truth of ‘The One, of which all is a part.’

To love one another is to recognise that you are one beingness. The same life force that brought forth you, your brothers, sisters and family members, also brought forth your neighbours and their neighbours. You have a concept of this love, although it is very narrow on Earth. If a sibling is born into the family, you are able to recognise that child is born of the same source as you, and you love it.

Observe each other in this way and you will know that love is present. This does not mean condone the actions of people you dislike or stop standing up for what you truly believe in, but recognise that given time, and a different set of circumstances, you could come to love that person too. It is only a situation and time that separates you, not love.

The most difficult element in the principle of love for humans is to love oneself, to embrace, challenge and be honest with yourself. To embrace all of the principles I have spoken of and uphold them.

‘Do unto others as you would have done unto yourself’ – This is a fundamental truth of heaven. Love flows and is never static because to love another is to love oneself, and to love oneself is to love God. There is no separation; it is all one being. Similarly, if you open up to the majesty of creation, that inspires and cultivates a love that spills out in your heart to love yourself and others. You only need to open yourself up to love in any aspect, and it will lead you to more love.

Honour and respect is another important principle, it is more important in heaven than what you would call material gain, or status. If you are dishonest, disloyal and unloving, then you are not an honoured or respected being within the cosmos. You are still loved and worthy, but not honoured and respected. The greatest beings are those that uphold these principles to the greatest effect. Some individuals live this way, yet most humans do not seem to honour them. In your schools you hand out certificates to the smartest person and medals to the person who can run the fastest, but largely do not celebrate and place value on being the kindest being, the most truthful being or the most loyal friend.

The greatest leader or most inspiring person is typically not acknowledged with honour and respect, yet within heaven it would be fundamentally important. The speed with which you can run, or the number of doctorates you may have is secondary to how truthful you are. It does not matter how intelligent you are, if you are not honest, loyal and able to be transparent in every way. When you cultivate the love of which you are, then you become an honourable and respectful being, with a free conscience.

In heaven, the sanctity of life is very important. There is no one individual that is more important than the whole and that fundamental truth can never be broken. The needs of the few will never be put ahead of the needs of the many. Whether in the cosmos, a star system, or a planet, all life has an equal right to exist, as all life manifests from the same Source. In earthly terms, this means that nature, the animals and all human beings have an equal right to exist on this planet.

Unity is a fundamental principle within the heavens and one that must be achieved if there is to be peace on the earth. Unity does not mean that you agree on everything, it does not mean that you have to like everyone, and it does not mean that within the universe there are not disagreements. It means that there are never situations or disagreements that will create separation or conflict, or create any doubt about the core principle of unity. Unity means that all life works together. This is not a belief; it is what is so.

An inter-dependence exists; you were birthed, have been fed and taught to communicate. Your abilities passed down to you by previous generations; you owe your life to an inordinate amount of beings. Likewise, you are dependent upon an eco-system that is balanced by the trees, bees, birds and flowers. If this eco-system is not balanced and in unity then all life will cease to exist, yet this is largely ignored.

Gratitude breathes life into all that I have spoken of, because if you are living these truths it makes you feel grateful. Your awareness, your connection to all of life in all its forms cultivates gratitude; it is the most uplifting and inspiring energy. Each day as you are faced with challenges, gratitude is often the best way for you to feel better about yourself and your life. The heavenly beings would advise you to look at something that is going well before facing your problems. If nothing is going well, be grateful that you are alive. Likewise, do not pity others, feel empathy but never pity. You do not know what they are learning, remembering and contributing to the human race.

Make today the day you awaken to your truth; where being an honourable, truthful and respectful person is more important than being a rich, important or famous person. Where being a person who is viewed as loyal, loving, trustworthy and kind is more important than being the CEO of a corporation.

I encourage you to go into this world and create, lead, teach, heal, sing and dance. Do all you can to the very best of your ability, earn as much money as you can and enjoy every second of it, but never let it be more important than the principles which brought you into this life. If you ever have anything that is more important than these principles, then you have forgotten who you are.

James Woods


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