It was four years ago when I felt it, the call.

It came from a place within me that had, up to that point, been satisfied with catch ups at the end of meditation class and the occasional meet ups with spiritual friends over a peppermint tea.

Something inside was telling me that out there, in the busy messed up world, were many lost souls, souls feeling isolated, lonely, judged and feeling helplessly in need of a hand to hold, a hand that belonged to someone who may just understand their way of thinking and being and who would simply hold them on their journey of self-discovery and awakening consciousness.

Fast forward four years and here we are, over 1,800 of us, all connected via the Earth Spirit Tipi, a community of like-minded people who come together in various circles, gatherings, workshops and groups to learn and grow, laugh and cry, sing and meditate and Love.

1,800 of us, held energetically in the energy of what we call our tribe.

As humans, we are currently living on a planet that is dominated by technology. We are more connected now than ever before on this planet, and our connections are instant, almost cutting through space and time.

Why then, if we are instantly connected via our social media, email and phones, are there statistically more reported cases of loneliness, anxiety and depression than ever before recorded on this Earth.


Surely there is no valid reason for anyone to feel lonely or isolated.

So, what is it? What is that void that remains empty in many people’s lives?

I can say that the last four years has taught me that we, as individuals, need that physical contact, we need the eye to eye, heart to heart communication and we all need to know that we are physically part of something.

We need to know that we are fully seen, we are fully heard and that somewhere, we truly belong, and we need all of these things far more than we need social media ‘likes’ and funny cat Gifs.

We absolutely need this sense of belonging in order to thrive and flourish into the best versions of ourselves.

Our tribal gatherings are held in the beautiful gardens of MacIntyre New Routes, an extensive spiritual space that surrounds us with an orchard of organic apple and plum trees and a permaculture of flowers and fresh herbs. We are very blessed to have this space and even more blessed that nestled in the far corner, hidden by the huge Grandmother silver birch, sits our glorious 24ft Tipi.

The last four years of gathering in this place has allowed us to create some heart-warming memories, memories of feeling elated as we laughed together in the sun, drumming, singing and feeling the summer breeze cooling down our sun kissed skin after a day of making homemade incense from freshly picked herbs. Memories of our candle lit meditations around the tipi fire and the fits of laughter when we had a mass exodus out of the tipi because the smoke was so thick, we thought we had conjured up Apache Big Chief Chimney Pot.

Of course not everything in life is a journey of unicorns and rainbows, and I’m not ashamed to say that the early days brought about some disagreements between a few close friends, which sadly ended in an agreed parting of the ways, but I greatly believe that everything was, is and always will be, in Divine order.

This experience taught me a lot about standing your ground when you know you are following a calling, and I knew that my calling was to open the community up to be a space where everyone could come and be a part of it all. It’s easy to stay ‘safe and small’ but my heart was telling me that staying small was not the way to reach out and help people. It all worked out well and following my inner guidance system led me to where I am today, host to a thriving, supportive community.

We have watched friendships unfold, celebrated baby bumps, supported each other through sickness and have even grieved together in loss. Together we have cultivated connections, connections that our own ancestors would have known.

One of our members shared her feelings about belonging to our community;


“When I spend time with my tribe, we are surrounded by energy, harmony and nature. Our world at that moment is peace and calm, loving and understanding. But outside those garden walls, the chaotic world is carrying on. They don’t know we are there. They are watching their televisions, queueing in shops, driving in their cars, noisy and busy. Were here in our sacred space”

This is what being in our tribe means to us.

Your tribe are those souls who energetically bring out the best in you, who sit by your side as you explore new things, release old patterns, go deep into those realms of meditation that sometimes scare the pants off you, and who will hold space for you when life’s adversity hits you in the face like a Shaman’s drum stick.

I believe that for many people, there is an inner longing for something else, and if you are blessed enough to find your tribe, wherever or whoever they may be, you will very soon realise what it was that you were missing all along.


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