A spiritual path is like a school. Not a regular school where you learn ordinary skills, but a spiritual school where you learn the skills of spirit – like how to remove flaws in your character, or how to remain unaffected by the negative influences around you.

Some believe think that if they follow their spiritual path, they won’t be able to cultivate their individual talents.

However, what kinds of talents do people really need nowadays?

To remove one’s own ego is a great talent; to love others is another.

There is no need to study all those other complicated things.

If you have the nature of following God, then God’s nature will become your own.

Become true; reveal your true self through your spiritual study and claim a spiritual degree!

Dadi Janki, the administrative leader of the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University is a great friend of More to Life – here are a few snippets of profound wisdom from a teacher who walks her talk. Taken from her book Companion of God.

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