The Drama of Life

Every passing moment is like a passing act in a play. Each of us are the actors playing our parts very well.

An actor is never focused on another actor’s part, continually criticising it. He just gets on with his part, playing it as best he can.

This drama of life is eternal, predestined and accurate. Whatever anyone else says or does is their drama, not mine.

My task is to play my part right. Right thoughts restore rightness to the whole play.

Practise detaching yourself from your role and experiencing the truth behind the role and you will find yourself loving every instant of your role, and the drama, too.

And the question ‘Why has this happened? will be answered.

Dadi Janki, the administrative leader of the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University is a great friend of More to Life – here are a few snippets of profound wisdom from a teacher who walks her talk. Taken from her book Companion of God.

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