The Importance of Grounding


The work of a ‘light worker’ brings great joy and satisfaction, we are in service to help and support our planet and community of fellow humans.  However, the effects of giving and serving can be detrimental to our own health and well-being if we do not look after and protect ourselves and our energetic fields – maintaining our energy levels is crucial.

Grounding is an essential practice we should engage with daily.  In my practice, I find many people are very ungrounded due to the day-to-day challenges in life.  Their energetic fields are left ‘wide open’ and vulnerable to attack leaving the person lacking in energy, losing their sense of purpose leading to stress and anxiety.

Many professions have a high level of stress including teachers, doctors, office workers and those that are serving the public.  Each day of unresolved stress can lead to years of feeling unbalanced, unfocused and even to ill health and lack of well-being.

Becoming ungrounded can derive from something as minor as bumping into someone on the street to a major traumatic incident and can cause depression, stress and a lack of focus and purpose.  Excessive use of substances such as drugs or alcohol or overindulging in unhealthy food such as sugar, chocolate or meat can also block your ability to ground and focus. Something as simple as travelling on a bus or train can lead to a feeling of ungroundedness. It is easy to ‘pick up’ someone’s energy without realising it.


Benefits of becoming grounded

In a busy world, it is essential to learn how to become ‘grounded’, it helps in so many areas of life keeping one focused and centred and able to cope with life’s complexities.   Benefits include reducing stress, anxiety, tension and gaining clarity. It can help you cope with challenging situations, environments and letting go of thoughts that no longer serve you.

How to become grounded

The technique is quite straightforward but does need time to build up and to become part of your daily ritual of well-being.  The key is to start slowly, practice often and build up your skill.  Set the intention to ground before you start your practice and ritual each day. The Root Chakra, also known as the Base Chakra, is the place to start on your journey of learning and establishing grounding by becoming familiar with your root chakra and understanding the function of a healthy root chakra through visualisation and meditation.

Once you have established this connection and feel aligned to your root chakra, work on sending ‘roots’ from the chakra to the soles of your feet then pushing these roots through the ground to work their way to the core of the earth, to connect to Mother Earth.  It is this connection to Mother Earth that creates grounding.

This connection establishes a loving, vibrational energy and union with Mother Earth. As you draw on the energy from Mother Earth, pull it upwards through visualisation and intention so that it makes its way to your root chakra creating a strong connection and bond.

Next, allow the energy to work upwards to your Sacral then Solar Plexus and eventually to the Heart Chakra. Aligning your heartbeat with Mother Earth’s heartbeat, creates an even stronger connection creating a wonderful alignment and connection from Heart to Root to Mother Earth and back again, a beautiful cyclical energy of love, support, giving and taking.

Feeling Grounded and connected to Mother Earth gives you the sensation of being at peace. It helps with those busy days and being able to manage multiple tasks with ease.


Establishing a Ritual

Establishing a daily practice of grounding (especially in the morning) gives you a balanced, start to the day and before long you will become accustomed to the sensation of being grounded.  It will quickly become apparent when you are ‘off kilter’. Whether in the car, at a restaurant, waiting in a queue, during a meditation – the gift of grounding can help you deal with the challenges of the day in a calm and peaceful way. When walking into a large meeting, feeling nervous before an interview, going on a first date or facing a challenging situation, ground yourself.  The more often you do it, the faster you will create a grounded connection and it will become important in your daily life.

For maximum benefit create a ritual and practice at least twice a day starting with the morning and then at night. Set your intention with an open heart and connect to the source of all beings, Mother Earth, for love and support.


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Apinder Sidhu

Grounding Workshops in coming in January and March 2022.


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