For many years, those of us who have followed the story of the reappearance of the World Teacher have, I think, walked a fine line, a kind of balancing act between hoping and praying for this event without precedent to take place – right now! – while simultaneously recognising that although the time remaining to its fruition point is very short from a divine perspective, in real terms it may be years or even decades distant. But that was before Covid-19 swept across the world and brought it to a standstill.

It is extraordinary indeed to reflect on how a tiny entity – a virus – could have such an almighty impact. There have, of course, been many theories as to how, where and why it originated, but to my mind one thing is certain: this pandemic has vastly diminished, if not entirely collapsed, the time remaining before Maitreya’s appearance. Amidst the present trauma and chaos, we stand on the threshold of a new world. We hold our breath during this ‘Great Pause’ and look to the East. For the old world must be swept away and transformed and, dreadful as it is, Covid-19 has surely initiated the process. It has interrupted business-as-usual capitalism, economy-obsessive politics, deactivated the machine, given us pause for thought, time to breathe, to step back from the relentless mechanism of work and consumerism, to reconnect with our humanity, with the real fundamentals of life. It has revealed how fragile and vitally interconnected we are and brought out the best in so many. Indeed, a recent survey suggests that only 6% want to return to how things were and, as prominent voices have noted, we can’t anyway because the old life was unsustainable: you can’t have infinite growth on a finite planet. Hundreds of millions are starving; the environment is in a death-spiral. We have been hurtling towards destruction, sawing off the branch that supports us in the pursuit of money.

Maitreya the World Teacher

Maitreya the World Teacher

Whither now? As the world reels and the powers that be try desperately to restart the machine, the time is ripe for Maitreya the World Teacher to step forward into public view and point the way forward to the new time. To harness our confusion and guide us away from destructive materialism, consumption, selfishness and greed, to the beginning of a new civilisation founded upon the essential tenets of sharing, justice and peace. The planet’s resources must be shared fairly and equally among all nations, not misused and hoarded by a wealthy and powerful few. Only this will ensure lasting justice, and justice alone will ensure world peace as a fully realised fact. Step by step, the Teacher and the great ones who accompany him will show humanity how to rebuild this weary and suffering world and finally manifest its divine heritage. This remaking will not begin centuries, decades or even years in the future: it starts now. For surely this is the final countdown, not to Armageddon but to utopia.

Perhaps something like this had to happen. Maitreya has been waiting for decades for us to be ready because he cannot infringe our free will; he cannot impose himself upon us. And sadly, we haven’t been ready to hear his message, or he would have come forward sooner. In fact, he first signalled his intent to return in 1945! Humanity is slow to change, slow to awaken from the long slumber of materialism, and this slumber, this materialism is fatal, for as we are swiftly learning it jeopardises the very future of the human race and indeed all life on earth. Things often have to get worse before they get better, the adage suggests, and alas it proves true in this instance, but in that dreadful worsening lies the hope of an extraordinary rebirth, renewal and redemption.

Are you ready? Three, two one…!

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