Humanity in general is undergoing tremendous transformation, it is a time of deep self-reflections, both individually and globally. Times of great changes are all around us and it seems inevitable that as we go through this, there is much chaos and conflict and great pain. The pain is our marker for the transformation. In general people do not much like change. It is so much more comfortable to stay cocooned in our normal lives. We know where we are then in our familiar surroundings, with our thoughts and emotions and allowing the personality to control us. We see only the outer form, we often fail to see that matter is only the vehicle for the soul consciousness and in turn, up the spiral, the soul is the manifestation of spirit in matter. We are not yet truly aware of the power of the spirit within. We hold on to so much which is no longer necessary for us.

Humanity, as a soul, is moving forward towards an expansion of consciousness. The soul of Earth is going through a tremendous initiation. As we transform ourselves, we also transform the soul of humanity. We are all cells in the body of that greater soul. As we transform, as we change levels and expand our own consciousness, it is so vital that we let go of the past; to understand that the challenges that have come to us have served us well in order to grow and unfold our spiritual qualities. But when these challenges and the memories or hurts that go with it are no longer necessary, we need to let go. These challenges have served their purpose and we need to be prepared to shed the skin and allow the butterfly to be free to go further and further, up and up, soaring higher and higher to levels, as yet unknown to the physical mind, but yet a path of higher awareness which is opening to us by the spirit within.

Higher awareness

For this we need that extra resource of courage, of strength, of understanding and of great wisdom. It can be both frightening and exciting at the same time.
The emerging soul qualities that we need are total trust, hope and faith that our inner self, the spirit within, will guide us, will show us the way forward. We need to allow ourselves that space, that period of seeming ‘nothingness’, that patience to wait and wait in that inner stillness until the time is right. So these are now times of self-reflection, of self-revaluation. We look back with thankfulness for the experiences that have brought us where we are. For no lesson in life is ever wasted. Everything has a value and it has built up over many lifetimes to unfold and develop the spiritual qualities within. We may be moving forward to a space where we have never been before, and it may appear daunting and scary. But we do have that courage and strength to keep on keeping on, knowing always that we are guided by that force, that energy of light and love within.


Gradually, as we reflect, we become aware of a force within us, hereto unknown, that becomes almost like a Silent Watcher, an Observer. We begin to realise that there is much more to us than the personality we have thought of as ourselves, and which we present to others. We may use meditation or contemplation as a tool in which to gain more knowledge and understanding, In time we realise that it is the spirit within, that inner teacher, which is ever guiding and watching over us.

Little by little, we see changes in ourselves, at first very subtly, but in time stronger. The changes can be so subtle that we may not be aware of what is happening. We start looking at our lives, individually and globally in a different way. As we progress through life, the spirit begins to take more control and the time will come when with great joy we become aware that we truly are more than just the personality.

Slowly, the transformation begins, and this will manifest in our daily lives. Then, those beautiful soul and spiritual qualities become more apparent and obvious. As we grow in awareness the beauty that once escaped us becomes more transparent. With this joy comes a wonderful feeling of freedom and release in that we have truly found ourselves and have allowed the space and time for spiritual transformation to take place. This is our birth right – let us allow ourselves the freedom, time and space to claim our divine heritage.
This is our re-emergence as a beautiful, functional spiritual human being.

Re-emergence Astra Ferro

Astra Ferro
Author and More to Life Elder

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