Many people do not realise how precious life is until it’s gone, and then it’s too late. So many people take life for granted, believing that it goes on forever, that there will always be enough time – of course, this is not true.

We all know our own date of birth, it is etched in our memories but the date of our death is uncertain; today, tomorrow, next year, sometime in the future for sure but hopefully, not just yet…

Most of us have heard the poem, ‘The Dash’ which is sometimes read at funerals and emphasises the importance of the dash between two dates eg 2.1.1978 – 13.7.2017 the space between the dates is where we live our lives.

We live many times, coming and going in the circle of life, each time re-visiting this beautiful planet, revisiting members of our soul group and experiencing all different types of relationships with the same souls, time and time again.  This planet is a ‘school’ we repeatedly visit in order to learn how to love and how to be love. We have all been here before; sat upon this earth and looked up at the moon and we will all return after death – such is the philosophy of reincarnation.

The purpose of this continuing circle of life is to live, work, love, procreate, travel, learn and most of all experience life on this planet.  We are here for the good of Mother Earth, to help her and in return receive her blessings – the year in, year out cycle of her beautiful seasons; the warmth of Summer; the coolness of Autumn; the freshness of a cold Winter’s day and the promise of new life on a bright Spring morning.

Life is about cycles

We are born, we live and then we die (sometimes at an early age, sometimes as an old person) and then we are born again to repeat the process over and over – each time collecting wisdom and understanding, each time experiencing the happy and sad times and all that lies in between. Our daily decisions and actions leading the way to our lessons how wonderful – whether we get it right or wrong.

We come into the world with such innocence and observe the wonder of the world through a child’s eyes, trusting our guardians (or learning not to as the case may be) to lead the way. Their influence has such a profound effect and conditions our values and principles.

As the years pass by we find ourselves in a commercial, material world where status and image and the need for position and wealth can overwhelm the most stable of people. The need to be accepted, loved, wanted, approved of by our family, friends, peers is present in so many people – and yet, despite it all, the circle of life just keeps turning.

Earlier this year my ex-husband died leaving behind my 3 grown-up children. My eldest daughter who now lives in Perth, Australia, visited my present husband and I for her dad’s funeral with my 3 lovely grandchildren. As a treat I took them to London to see the musical show The Lion King and of course the first song is called The Circle of Life – what a thought provoking song this is, how cleverly written and with such a great understanding of life. I recommend this musical as it really makes you think about circle of life and our place in it.

Do you really understand life and the dash between the date of your birth and the date of your death?

Wherever you are on this beautiful planet, you are part of the human race and play a significant part in its drama.  Whatever continent, race, creed or colour, you are part of the whole – of humanity. It is like human soup – all the different ingredients adding to the rich recipe of life – all adding to its flavour and richness.

Realising this brings power helps explain not only who we are but why we are here. Such knowledge is priceless and brings with it deep wisdom. Of course, meditation, mindfulness, daily walks in nature, and a happy nature help the experience to flow more gently and also helps others around us to feel better when challenged by life.

Always try to breath into the rhythm of life; the breath of peace; the breath of love wherever you are and in all that you do. We are richer than we will ever know. Be grateful to Mother Nature for welcoming us, for nurturing us, for loving us despite mankind’s attempts to destroy so much of her. Such gratitude and recognition for her abundance is only manners, after all. We wouldn’t/couldn’t be here without her.

Our guidance is based on love, and its founding nature exists within heart-based living as this exponentially leads you to heart’s grace and the dawn of living for one and all. In peace and friendship we can extend our hearts in hands outstretched to greet, to see and be seen.

The importance of the cycle of life is in knowing and seeing the truth within that which radiates out in shining light and balance and harmony. Blessed are those that carry this light for others as a beacon for hope to shine and all to see as they are touched by its radiance and in turn light the way for others to see, feel and hear.

So, live your life in magic and mystery loving each new day, having loving kindness for everyone and respect all. Be aware that this chapter of your life will not last forever, not forever, indeed it may be relatively short so please make the most of each day and love yourself as well as others.

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