The situation regarding humanity has been at the ‘top table’ for a long time cosmologically speaking. It has led to this moment and it involves the whole world: all of the animals, all of the kingdoms, and all of the beings and teachers who have ever come to the earth to move it forward.

All are part of this Divine Plan. Many are called, but very few heed the call and take it forward. Very few remember who they are in their waking state and manifest it in all their glory.

The Divine Plan originated with my decision for the preservation of humanity; who are the living library within the felt reality space of the physical universe, all universes and ultimately the cosmos as a whole.

I am here because you need to remember the prime purpose of who you are; You need to be awoken. This is a call to all souls to come together in love and peace upon the earth to fulfil the Divine Plan; for the living library in felt experience and creation to return back to the Eternal Kingdom. The human race is a divine aspect of this fulfilment and you must remember who you are and where you are from. How many people of the earth are waiting for something to occur, how many millions and billions?

You are so far out of alignment; how could I not know what is going on? I am your Heavenly Father, Eternal Life, God. Although, the use of the word God is intertwined in so many human stories that the term itself can mislead humanity and conflict with their knowing of Me. To avoid confusion and to give it a much higher energy, and a truer reflection, other terms need to be sought and to be spoken. There is, in truth, no name for who I AM. I was not created, nor can I in my truest aspect ever be destroyed. There is only one – I AM beyond numbers, words, symbols and colours; I AM beyond light.

I have come with many beings from the heavens, who have taken physical form to assist me in the Divine Plan. I am here to attend to my children and bring peace to the earth. Beings walk amongst humanity, but often behind the veil, completely unknown to the masses, for it does not serve them or humanity to be in full sight at this time. It serves to keep the consciousness rising, and to keep fanning the flames of awareness.

The consciousness needs to rise to a certain level to create a tipping point where your hearts will be ready, and your minds will be supple enough for you to look beyond the ignorance that has held you down, so that you can touch the Divine that is inside you, and be able to witness the Divine that is within All That Is.

I am presenting myself to the human race, but make no mistake about it, I am no representative. I am The Lord God of all things. I have come in the form of man so that I can present myself in a way that is tangible to the race of beings that are lost. I have come as part of the human experience so that we are unified, so that I AM showing you what you are capable of. I wish to empower you to know your true nature, your divinity, your God; I AM that I AM.

You need to come to the understanding that you are all one: the children of the world are your children, the animals of the earth are your animals, the earth on which you walk is your earth and I am your Almighty God. You love that which you are, and to see one suffer is to know suffering for yourself, and to see one smile is to smile for yourself. Therefore, you would not abuse, or misuse, or hurt or harm, because you know it to be you.

The game that the human experience is cultivated in, and entrapped in, at this time, is by your own doing. I say this as an observational truth of the free will principle that I gave you. I am asked, ‘Why has it been allowed to continue for so long? Why so many children? Why so many animals? Why so much suffering?’

I made a decision that I would not interfere with your free will. I gave you the choice because of love. You were able to out-picture your divine nature, and that included all of the experiences that are not your divine nature if you chose to create them. It was not the intention for it to be so and it only continues as such because you as a human race are not applying your divine nature.

I invite you to look at your choices; I invite you to remember God and to remember your divine nature as love. I invite you to remember that there is but one race, the human race, and you are all one. It is only by your division, your separation, the playing of the game that you have cultivated and created that allows for separation.

The planet Earth and the Sun are also living entities that are moving through their own evolutionary process and all life upon the earth is part of that ascension. As such, the life forms upon this planet need to be aligned, synergised, balanced with and part of, the life and essence of the planet. If humanity, as a collective, is in a consciousness of fear, disunity, greed and war then this creates a separation with the earth, an incompatibility, that creates a fork in the road.

You are creating the fork in the road by your thoughts, words and deeds. Your thought and behavioural patterns move into the electromagnetic field of the earth’s consciousness affecting it. Your environment is also set in a very fine balance and if that balance is altered then life becomes very problematic. The polar ice caps are melting at an alarming rate and you are breathing in dirty air that has become toxic, due to all the chemicals polluting it.

You have organisations and conglomerates that are seeking to gain short-term profit from the land, but there will be a long-term catastrophe if you do not allow your soil to replenish. You will end up with an uninhabitable planet where you will not be able to produce enough food to fuel everybody.

Likewise, you cannot keep depleting the rain forests of the world, the earth’s lungs, at the rate you are and expect equilibrium to be maintained. You have taken it right to the limit and it is not to your benefit. No trees – no oxygen, no oxygen – no humanity. It is as simple as that; you are destroying your oxygen source, your life source.

The planet can reach equilibrium again, with or without humanity, and the choice is yours. One thing is certain, the earth has been at this point before and then held off from her next evolutionary step so that all of humanity can be part of her evolutionary journey, but she will not hold back this time. The Earth will continue on her journey even if humanity choose not to be a part of the singular truth, the unified collective field of God. The ‘One’ God of which I AM.

I have blessed you with the ultimate signature of creation, the creative force. I observe what you are capable of and creation bows at your majesty, if you but remember who you are. The moment, the instant, that you connect to the truth, that you, the human race are in divine kinship with God, children of God, one and the same – LOVE. When you ignite and remember the power that is placed within you in unity with each other, there is nothing that together you are not capable of. The sky is not the limit, for you can transcend the sky. When you as a race of beings come together there is no limit to what you are able to achieve, create and experience as that which I AM. Ye are Gods!

When you turn face-to-face with me again and remember who you are, then you ignite that love. You are able to bring the deep healing that your soul yearns for as a human experience, in an instant. Your salvation lies within you. Become animated with your life once more, for the human beingness has become zombie-like. I tell you, the apocalypse happened a long time ago!

I have come to Earth and the plan is now manifest. The choice lies with humanity, you have your free will and it is your decision to make. I am here, will you remember from whence you came?

James Wood

Facebook -Stride In Truth

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