Through December 2018 and early January 2019, we have experienced upshifted energetics in consciousness and advances in spiritual development and have moved into ‘toddler mode’ for our Aquarian Age development. We are learning to crawl and walk, taking steps in awareness and learning new ways of living in our advancement of humanity and spiritual development.

My own toddler grand-daughter’s world is full of new horizons, experiences and sensory development. She is stringing words together to communicate and getting frustrated when she is not understood. In a world of new with no manual; fraught with dangers and misunderstanding; picking her way through the melee with her parents and family guidance who are introducing safety precautions and teaching her how to live in the world safely.

Our own experiences are not dissimilar on our ‘toddler’ Aquarian Age development; not understanding the words and getting frustrated because we are stuck, impatient and annoyed with life. Cosmic cascades of awakening energy are causing mixed consciousness realisations as we grow.

Being a sensitive cosmic child, my grand-daughter sees, hears and etherically perceives differently, picking up on negativity and people’s closed hearts. She must wonder ‘what a world’ she has come into, seeing all the flaws that individuals take for granted as normal, when in her eyes it is so abnormal! She often wants to retreat home where her environment is calmer, familiar and safe. Of course, this is a similar experience for many of our sensitives and empaths who retreat, shying from interacting due to hurtful experiences, inadequate information, knowledge of how to deal with life.

The Cosmic transitional times we are experiencing in 2019 are very different from ten years ago. Life can feel chaotic and we need all the help we can get to pick through the melee that we find ourselves negotiating at this time. The Aquarian age is pushing us to develop internal connections, to advance emotionally and psychologically and jettison old out-dated ways of living.  We need to embrace a new Aquarian age – advancing humanity, developing dormant areas of the brain and nervous system and creating a loving and compassionate life. Tolerance and emotional intellectual structure of acceptance and nurturing the self. Essentially, the spiritual self has been starved for eons!

Many of us are looking for spiritual answers and travelling the world looking for clues: when inside is key, activating from dormant to alive.  We seem to have missed the point regarding our spiritual development from Aquarian eyes.  We have been led down paths of diversion and wasted time, instead of advancing. Diversion is a mix of many parts – key is internal vision avoiding external route most individuals take. The real advancement is to Awaken the Soul self.

December 2018 was no exception, we experienced amazing, transitional times. A special Cosmic revolution occurred, (equivalent to 12.12.12 and 21.12.2012),  Initiating another phase or transitional jumping point, taking us to the next step or place on the ladder of evolution.

Many who knew the significance of 2012, and especially 12.12.12, held mixed emotions and thinking about the end of the world and unknown territories, as we knew it.  Actually, 12.12.12 signified a new era and allowed us to finally take baby steps into a different era of two-thousand-years which would prove to accelerate over the decades to come. Many changes and challenges would happen both individually and globally, ending the Piscean age of control, power, intolerance, selfishness and ‘I’.

We began moving forward to embrace Unity, Oneness and LOVE and now six years of transformation has already taken place. Some people view our present condition as chaos, unrest, others see it for what it is – CHANGE. At the end of 2018, the universe gave a bigger push into Aquarian toddler stage. Another giant step for physical, emotional and mental transition for all, dismantling old and infusing new.  My, how evolution works!

Many phases have unfolded over the years, at different time frames. 2018 is one of many to unfold. Personally, I would have preferred a less laboured train leaving the station.  In 2012, still heavy from the onslaught of negativity and injustice eliminating so much as it went flying off as speed gathered.

Six years on, we continue to experience further adjustments which were put in place during 19-24thDecember 2012.

Summer solstice 2018 instigated several completions and further key processes were activated; aligned, for December’s phase of acceleration.  So here we are, more portals and phases of sublime energies synching and radiating to the planet from above and Gaia radiating to us.  The energies are quite spectacular and the next full moon’s strong energies on the 21st December, added accelerated LiGHTaction on 24th when phase 3-4-5 switched on.

Rebirthing will happen from 19.12.2018, (same format as 12.12.12) –  this time more significant to humanity (as each phase will be). Democracy of the self is the theme, cherry pick or ignore in our own Brexit from old?  All will be highlighted as the new energies are cascaded to Gaia. 12.12.18 carried activation codes of positive and major change, mirroring 12.12.12 formats.

In this phase, our Soul groups and soul connections are focused. These will be happier times and will open a different concept and pathway to us, allowing us to feel love, inner power and ignition of the 3-fold-flame held in the heart chakra (4th).   This will help us to feel more grounded, to be in the natural flow of life instead of pushing against it.   Empaths and sensitives will sigh with relief as they feel more comfortable with NEW familiar energies flooding planet earth. The energies have flavours of OMNI (meaning everything and everywhere…giving reality of ourselves) and a taste of Oneness and unity.  Globally all will be in the spotlight.

This new energy can show itself in insomnia, restless sleep, tiredness and irrational emotions (seemingly stemming from nowhere), highlighting misalignment and separation of the self. The journey to self-alignment-synching and unity has begun.

During the Lion’s Gate alignment in the summer of 2018, we were given ‘spirals of time’ which   paved the way for the release of  December’s flow of energies and helped us to align to higher frequencies and feel peace. As with any energetic transition on such a grand scale, some baulked against change digging their heels in (stuck) resisting the difficult choice to ‘let go’ of old, ancient and IGTA (inherited-generational-transference-absorption) elimination.  The frequencies were advising to walk away from what no longer serves and move towards healthier living, positive people with a life of grace and ease.

Essentially, we are living in pioneering times and will all continue to instigate change on different levels, highlighting the neglect and lack in our lives and promoting tolerance, nurturing and love for the self and others. We will be learning about the deeper aspects of Love and self-awareness.  The key to this evolution is choice. We can embrace and move faster or slow the process down, it is an individual choice.

Joy Wisdom teaches accordingly, offering new approaches with assistance and learning to help transition during the amazing times in which we live. She offers a valuable toolbox to help us deal with the remarkable times we live in. She is a pioneer of change and offers new visions of a healthy and lengthy future.

As Quan told me in the mid 1990s, ‘suffering with be a thing of the past’ and I am seeing it in my lifetime. Happy days.

Reach out for the helping hand of Allonus; grab it with both hands and accelerate change. Save Yourself, Save Your Soul.  Workshops begin February 2019.

OMNI energies can be yours from inside out 24/7 with the Power-of-3 LiGht Healing Programme.

Joy Wisdom Awarded Excellence in Training 2019

Author, Transformational Trainer: Awarded Inspirational Woman & Commitment to Excellence 2015.  

Therapist of the year 2018 

Founder of Allonus Zest of Life Programme:

Founder of D.A.R.E intuitive Body-Mind-Emotion revolutionary Therapy training

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