Life continuously presents us with opportunities for growth.   Growth is the reason why we take on an incarnation.  We grow by the soul lessons and understanding that we attain in any one lifetime.  

If we are fortunate enough to know what our soul purpose is, then we know that all experiences and circumstances that we go through are the options we have attracted to ourselves for growth.   We do choose our soul lessons – although some may find that difficult to accept.   We may not always be aware that we have choices in which way to travel on this journey of the soul.  Nevertheless, the choices I speak of are not merely the choices of which soul lesson to undertake but more importantly our reaction to those soul lessons.   For in fact, it is our reaction to those experiences and circumstances that enable us to grow.   These are the real choices.

Perhaps our choices and our reactions are best determined by our understanding of who we are.   When we incarnate into an earthly body, we take on the Personality for that lifetime.   The Soul, holding the memory of all we have learned in past lives, is our consciousness and knows what lessons we need in order to evolve and unfold.   Then, there is our Spirit, the pure essence, the seed which is in all of us from the beginning of time.

Let us look at each one separately:

Personality – is the part of our self which we call our character.  This consists of our Emotions, Thoughts and Physical body.  The Personality is swayed by our emotions, by our thoughts, by our likes and dislikes, by our conditioning, by our mental perception of life.  This is usually the side that we show to people.   This conditioning and indoctrination are what holds us imprisoned to a set of beliefs, dogma, rigid perceptions.   We are ruled by our Personality before the Awakening comes.

In my book, Stepping Stones on the Spiritual Path, I say: ‘Before our awakening, our personality is ruled by our emotions and our thoughts, but slowly an awakening comes, the awareness that there is something greater than the outer self begins to assert itself. Gradually our soul begins to make its presence felt and we no longer react from our emotions or thoughts.  Our personality is very necessary for our growth.  It is by going through every challenge, every experience that we develop and unfold.   Our personality……, has to find a point of balance between them.   Only then can we truly allow the spirit within to guide our lives.  We need to bring spirituality down into matter so that matter is transmuted by the light within,’

Soul – is our consciousness.   It is that part of us which knows what we need to experience and learn in order to grow and evolve as spiritual beings.   It holds, in its matrix, the memory of all the lessons that we have learned through past lives.   It is that part in us which knows right and wrong.   We so often ignore the promptings of the soul because we don’t know the difference between Soul and Personality.   In reality, we don’t know who we really are.  We relate to our Personality and its reactions to life and may think this is it, this is who we are.   But we are much bigger than our Personality.

Spirit – is the very essence, the very breath that we breathe.   It is an energy, it is the life-impulse.   It is also known as the Monad.   Different belief systems call this by many different names.   I prefer the simplicity of the very essence, the very breath of our existence.


We are now on the threshold of the Aquarian Age, yet many are still held and swayed by the indoctrination and perceptions of the Piscean Age.   All Ages throughout the Planetary and Solar Systems have both positive and negative aspects.   At the end of every Age, humanity needs to free itself from the holds of that Age in order to embrace the qualities and experiences for growth in the next Age.    Right now, we see the world in chaos, in conflict, in turmoil.   This is all part of the growth of Planet Earth and Humanity.   Our choice is how we react and positively work towards, first understanding what is happening and secondly, what we can do about it.

For different reasons, we may not be in a position to do much, but we can do so much more by continuing to hold planet Earth in Light; knowing deep within that what is happening, what is going on in the world for which we may not have any control over, is just part of the process of growth for humanity.   Humanity has been through many different Ages, bringing their own experiences and conflicts.

Our humanity can take comfort in that we have survived as Spirit throughout, and truly believe that we, together, can get through this miasma of chaos, conflict, confusion that is so prevalent around us.

All life is continuous, no beginning, no end.  We never lose our identity, we simply merge into our greater self, which is spirit, and we continue from one existence to another.  This is the beauty of who we are.

Our choice is to accept our greater self and believe that as we pour our Light into the world, we can make a difference.

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Astra Ferro

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