Have you ever thought about the direction you are going in? Of course, you have, we all have at some time in our lives and probably more so these days but have you really looked at the language we use every day and seen what lies beneath?   

We talk about “getting over” something, a disagreement or a broken relationship. We speak of “going through” a tricky time or a series of challenging events. Then there is “feeling down” and being asked to “cheer up”, we often “look back” reminiscing and seeing perhaps how far we have come and in my realm of work there is a lot of focus on “moving forward”.
We have adopted these phrases, using them frequently, maybe without giving them a second thought. Yet what they are ultimately reminding us of is momentum, movement in our lives. We are always moving in one direction or another but what we definitely don’t do is stand still, even if we think we are stuck.

When we observe these simple words of movement it can make us aware of progression from a broader perspective. Whatever we choose to do gives us information about ourselves and if we become aware of our tendencies, our traits, our triggers then we have some useful tools to help ourselves when the going gets tough.

Every life experience holds a treasure, a gem which reveals something about us as an individual soul at work or play on the Earthly plane. We change through all our experiences and we always move because our feelings, our emotions, our energy, are always changing in response to our outside environment. Our conscious mind is recording events and making sense of it with feedback from our senses but we are essentially energy and life experiences impact that energy.

I offer Akashic record readings as part of my work to help people improve certain areas of their life where they feel stuck. The Akashic records are a soul memory recording of all the choices we have made, the consequences and actions of those choices, feelings and emotions of every part of our lives, all of them. It is a record of our individual learning, our soul evolution, our movement through time and space.

This awareness of motion of moving through, going through and coming out the other side is important. It is about energy particles that are you, constantly changing and moving. Even our physical bodies don’t stay the same. We shed billions of cells each day, yes each day, so the body renews itself and re energises constantly. Our movement, our renewal is part of nature, and so change is inevitable.

There are millions of experiences people can have through life on this earth. You are not alone in feeling loss or lack of self-worth or confusion and frustration. What is important though is how you personally respond to these experiences. It isn’t what you go through but what you do with it that matters. Whether your movement through life allows unlimited growth or whether it is going to keep you in a comfort zone which can stifle all your creativity and soul progression.

There will always be tough times because they are part of our soul adventure. The broader spiritual perspective is that for people to perform their compassionate acts, some others have to fall. We have been on both sides of this coin in many different lives throughout our explorations. We have set up agreements with each other, taking turns to help each other experience these situations in the rich pageant of life on Earth, our soul experiences.
Yet for all this cooperation on a soul level with those who love you and those that supposedly don’t (those who challenge you most in life, really on a soul level may have your best interests at heart ), it is you alone who are responsible for your choices and your soul growth. So when you are busy going through something, looking back at something or cheering someone up what you learn from that experience is all up to you, whether you realise it or not. This awakening is simply about you realising that life isn’t happening TO you; instead you are responsible for directing the movement in your life.

There is value in every experience, every movement in every direction. It really is about learning about you and your energy. In my work my clients come to me with a physical life problem, yet very soon we get to work on underlying belief patterns, see what situations are regularly coming into their life and why, we look back, see what they have been through, what is making them feel low and what lifts them up. We look at all these directions in their life and then we find the pathway forwards by addressing the hidden layers beyond the language. We work on the energy path and apply a different context for the events going on. If we become aware of what the full experience is all about then it gives us the ability to go through it with a little more ease and grace, to learn what we have to learn and not limit ourselves by being stuck in the physical experience from a physical point of view.
Even the worldwide events going on now have momentum for a reason. The world is being reset and the shaking up of things we are familiar with is just the method used to wake us up because we have been “asleep” for far too long. Systems that are no longer in Humanity’s highest good are being challenged, we are being awakened to our spiritual roots and this will take time.

So buckle up, look after your energy as best you can, be aware of the direction you are headed, learn from looking back but don’t yearn to go backwards, go through your challenges with acceptance and gratefulness for the good things in life, learn enough about you to catch yourself if you feel down and do more of what lifts you up. Then observe the words you use about the direction you are steering your life. Make the choices in your life with positive intention. Then together let’s be more consciously aware of how we create momentum and awaken to the broader spiritual perspective and the hidden reasons for the movement in our lives.

Patricia McDowall
Author and Healer
More to Life Elder

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