The present-day pandemic is pushing us out of our comfort zone. Catapulting us into unexpected events that seem biblical in action. Through 2019-20 we have globally experienced floods, fires, locust swarms and now disease. History tells us it has all happened previously- in ancient days. Each time it happened great change followed and humanity advanced.

Certainly, the experience of the pandemic has shown us that human touch and contact is important to us – an innate need to have human contact is born within us. We thrive on human contact, it feeds a need within us – we have sensors all over the body that respond to touch.

Global realisation of how precious life is…

All over the world we are becoming more aware of how family and loved ones are important. Isolation has brought home how much we need to connect to others in our life and reminded us to appreciate our family, siblings, partner and spouse. The pandemic has helped awaken our heart levels of compassion, kindness and love. What a sobering world it would be without love, compassion and kindness.

A coming together and oneness has developed in communities everywhere. It would be so beneficial to so many if it were to continue.

These days many have lost the art of compassion and tolerance and become quite unaware of others’ plights. Sometimes it takes a world catastrophe to awaken the most logical, moral and natural abilities to come to the fore. As intolerance and bigoted views are being highlighted in USA, old ways have to go…. respect, honour and equality are the new values by which to conduct ourselves.

This great universal purging and awakening have been necessary to kick start a new paradigm of living – to remember we need to nurture and love ourselves as well as others. We can have all the wealth in the world, yet without good health we have nothing. Without love and compassion our world is bereft..

Transitions and realisations have been coming thick and fast over the past three decades and much has changed. However, changes are head driven and not heart-based. The present world changer is grabbing humanity’s attention; forcing us to stop the repetition of old; changing the focus from same old self-absorbed mundane way of doing things, to a new heart-based way helping us to change our perception to include global views; realisations of state of our environmental decline from man’s pollution advancement. Each one of us are guardians of the planet, previously slow to respond, as if we have been asleep in the melee of smog!

Cleaner skies and pollution reduction have been immediate effects of the pandemic. In parts of India the skies cleared and villagers saw mountains and skylines for the first time. How crazy to think how we have been prepared to live in grime and toxicity, without consciously knowing, for so long. Putting ourselves in danger. We have been aware of health decline, of the danger we are in for so long but refused to put our ducks in a row and concede, the problem starts and ends with us.

The Universe has put the break on!

Transformational change has been ongoing for decades; slowly and resolutely our world has changed enormously. The present pandemic is world-changing, our world will not be the same again. Nature has taken control, the universe has kicked back and although we think we are sophisticated and know so much, we don’t see the obvious or observe the earth as a living and breathing element that man has almost killed off. We have choked our oceans/seas to death with so called advancement from science and plastic.

We will learn to do things differently.

We have to if we want to survive. We need to adapt to new ways that includes awareness of each other and our behaviours and how they affect this planet.

The spiritual revolution is in full swing and we each have a role to play. It is time to adopt compassionate spatial awareness and see the bigger picture. Surely, we have seen enough punishment and suffering to last lifetimes with this global pandemic. How about giving gratitude a try?

It was said that during WWII people prayed for the killing and suffering to stop. That was when things did start to change. The will of the people was heard. Numb from fear, terror and adverse trauma the Great Wars brought, we closed our hearts in order to survive. Today we have another opportunity to create more heartfelt living.

All life is precious… it is how we look after life, our own and others around us as well as Mother Nature that will determine how we reach the other side.

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