Recently I have had an enormous shift in energy and as a spiritual writer; life coach and channel for healing this can sometimes upset the applecart. I can best describe it as an agitation, an uncertainty (we all know that feeling with recent events), it’s a feeling of knowing something is coming but you don’t know what, how or perhaps even why. Within this you start to question yourself, it feels as if you are being challenged, to see if you will open your heart to something new and just TRUST.

I have experienced this a few times before, when significant shifts of how I work have happened, for instance when I just knew instinctively I had to move from Reiki healing to something else. I didn’t know it was channelling, writing with Spirit, that was on its way, until I waited and followed the signs, and gave my agreement to work with whatever Spirit had waiting for me (we always have choice). It was a change to healing through word and when it fell into place my energy settled and I got on with the work I had to do. The result of which was my book “50 Letters from Spirit. A Call to Awaken.”

Now I feel I have just shifted again, working this time still with word, spoken and written, an extension of my previous work, only this time with the higher realms using Light Language.

There are many ideas about what Light Language actually is and where it comes from higher self, Source, Creator, beings of a higher Consciousness somewhere in the Cosmos. There are many speaking, writing and healing with Light Language all over the world, it isn’t something taught, it is something innate and then activated at some point.

For me, Light Language is a beautiful expression of Divine love and can be used as healing. It is a language of pure unconditional love, a way of opening people up to connect with their true energy and heal. What could be more loving than that?
light language by patricia mcdowall
During this shift I felt directed to read certain books in particular “The Law of Light” and “The Gate of Light” by Lars Muhl. I felt “required” to visit certain places without really knowing why except an interest that wouldn’t go away, for instance an exhibition in The British Library on writing through the ages and Egyptian exhibitions. I felt drawn to see people working with trance, just being directed gently to explore in certain areas. I have been interested in trance work for some time and have had Spirit speak through me on occasion yet I knew this wasn’t “The Thing” that was on its way, not specifically anyway.

I had heard of Light Language and with all these connections rumbling around in my head one day, whilst having a relaxing bath I simply asked my guides about Light Language and said “Can I do that ?” and then I closed my eyes and I began to speak marvellous sounds as if it were my native tongue. It flowed out, I went behind a veil of light and the words just flowed.

I brought myself back with ease after a few minutes ( my guides I have worked with for years were asked to protect me as I went into this state) yet it was not a deep trance I felt as if it was simply a natural state of being. Uplifted by the beauty of the light and the feeling of gentle yet powerful energy I felt settled and in a state of knowing. Knowing this was right.

We are all energy; we are all merely pulsations of energy. We have many bodies besides our physical one and each attached to its energy centre or Chakra. These energy bodies all pulsate at different frequencies, vibrations. Our physical bodies are the densest so that pulsates at the slowest rate. These rates of vibration change if we are unwell but can be brought back into balance by working with the energy flow.

Many healing modalities, Reiki is one of them, work with energy in the body releasing blocks and enabling the energy to flow freely. Light language is not meant to be translated instead it works with the frequency of the sounds or in the case of writing the frequency the symbols emit. It works deeper than the physical and is recognised at soul level.
light language by patricia mcdowall
Each soul that works with light language does so in their own individual way, it is like an imprint of the voice, each unique. It is for me, a language from Source but also from the ascended masters, angels and cosmic beings who speak directly with your soul. It sounds strange but there is a familiarity about it.

It has been said it holds sounds of many languages Aramaic, Arabic, Hindi, Italian, French, South American, Egyptian….and this did show itself when I first recorded myself, some words appeared with a translation of love, peace and a few others too. One explanation is that it is a root language we all shared once before we separated and various languages developed. I like to think of it as the language of the soul and as such it is the frequency of sound which it emits and resonates within that is most important.

This is an ancient language and links us to the answer of many mysteries which will begin to unfold in the near future. We were once beings of balance awakened to our spiritual selves and to the importance of working from both the heart centre and the mind, together.

Individual light language

Many people are expressing their individual light language at this time some with writing, hand movements, art, dance, speech, chants and some with song. Some offer activations, awakening of spiritual elements within individual souls, parts which have lay dormant and now need to be opened up in this time of Ascension in order to serve.

It is a language of love, for healing, for renewal and making whole. Like many new alternative methods of healing it requires a certain amount of open mindedness and an open heart too; however I believe at this time of great awakening, we are ready to embrace the seemingly unfamiliar once more.

Discovering Light Language has left me settled and ready to begin work again. I feel honoured after many years of experiential life lessons, study, and practical application of spiritual ideas that I have been introduced to another method of healing the body, mind and spirit. A method rooted in renewed ancient systems. A healing which links directly to your soul through the resonance of a language, light language, a language of love.

Patricia McDowall

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