Mindfulness is the buzzword currently spreading through the masses, even being taken on board in the Armed Forces and Government. But what exactly is mindfulness?

Having taught people about mindfulness for over ten years, my perspective is: it is essential to know what your mind is doing, for it is partly responsible for creating your world.

Essentially, the mind works with your feelings, interacts with them and creates behaviour.

A cycle and circle of actions, emotions and further feelings will follow, as both change and reform, fuelled by the changing emotions and behaviour.   Logged by the memory to revisit, if further emotions and reactions of the same substance repeat, automatically taking control, without any consent or knowledge from the individual.   Hidden from recognition, master of internal responses to the event or situation from life.

Did you know that your subconscious logs everything you experience as fact!

Whether you are watching TV, a film or playing a game, the emotional responses will be yours. Not the full experience of the story line or event, but the emotional and mental impacts will be experienced in real time. The shock, tragedy, sorrow, happiness and bliss, positive and negative, will all be logged as part of you. Memories will be stored on different levels internally.

Certainly the shock from birth can and does act as a foundation for life’s coping strategies, memories logged from the first moments of life, setting the base line agenda. Most people believe that the mind is the only place where memories are stored. Science and technology has shown us we store memories all over the body. Yes in the mind, but also in the energetics, cells and DNA. In fact, Quantum Physics has proved that the biological systems, including the cells and tissue of the body hold memories.

Emotionally we react to the mind and vice versa.

The mind and the emotions also affect our energetics and consciousness, they are a two way street of communication, action and reaction.

For example, an emotionally charged (angry, hysterical) individual will send out negative energies to those around them. Psychics can see this energetically, but just imagine all of us being able to clearly see the energies yourself – how eye opening would that be!

As a psychic myself, I see these energies as black splodges of varying degrees of tar, which coat our walls, floors and environment. When negative energy is aimed at one particular person, like a homing device, the impact will be immediate. Those who are ‘splattered’ will also feel reduced energy from the shock to their systems, it will be received as anxiety in the Solar Plexus, Sacral Plexus and heart area. Vision and hearing can also be affected. Victims will have lowered consciousness: every part of the individual responds to the powerful emotional states we find ourselves in. A scary thought with automation in process!

Recently I spoke to a DARE practitioner, who was angry with her eight year old son. Raising her voice while telling him off, he responded with,

“You are splattering me with your anger!”

A switched on boy… his response brought the mother back sharply, realising he was right, she apologized. She had taught her son well. He had recognised the situation instantly and could feel the impacts. Children are our teachers; we can protect them with our choice of words and actions.

Certainly my anecdotal evidence has come from one-to-one therapy experience, as a clinical practitioner for several decades and a teacher of alternative practices, the amassed evidence has supported the theory above, as fact.

Individuals who have stepped up for Dissolve and Resolve Emotions® (DARE™) therapy have found that aspects of their health issues have originated from such situations; being around others and taking on their emotion. Being ‘splattered’, even from a young age, absorbing raw negative emotions, can instigate all sorts of health and psychological issues with mindsets, patterns and vocabulary fuelling further internal decline eventually manifesting itself as dis-ease. This can be removed quickly and effectively with DARE.

Nelson Mandela spoke out saying that ‘hate and anger are not born with us, they are taught through life’.

Graham Allen MP’s ‘Early Intervention 2011 report suggests that anger is already formed by the age of three – that our behaviour is mirrored and learnt through example. Bringing past life influences into the equation makes the whole mix more complicated.

From a clinical viewpoint it is understood that internal biological responses come from our thoughts, words and emotions in the form of hormonal and nervous system reactions, peptides and chemicals released from emotional and psychological triggers.   In essence the hormonal response coats the cells, as the cells replicate in the same condition, the hormones will either support or decline the cell, dependent upon the chemical reaction from the emotions.

We don’t really understand the mind or our emotions; they seem virtual. We are unaware that we create and receive internally. Internal examination gives answers formed from lack, unhappiness and doubt. Causing us to become a shell of the real us…. Who is in charge you or your mind?

Thankfully there is help is at hand. You are in charge and you can stop the struggle, make the changes within and create better well-being and health. Make 2015 count. Remove the mind and emotional triggers that fuel the chemical response. Alternatively find a DARE practitioner in your area.

Joy Wisdom renowned Tutor, clinical Practitioner, Author, Healer and Speaker, founder of the ZEST of Life® programme, Dissolve and Resolve Emotions® (DARE) ™ NEW practitioners programme (CPD approved).


‘Shell of Soul’ Joy’s second book helps with further understanding of mindfulness and enjoy the journey. Available from Amazon, authors website and good book shops.

 info@allonus co.uk www.allonus.co.uk

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