When an atom is split – whoooom – something powerful and awesome happens. We can’t even see an atom with our eyes, it’s invisible, and yet, it holds within it an incomprehensible force. 

How many atoms are we made of? Think about it, when you feel small or insignificant. I am using the idea of the splitting of the atom as a metaphor to describe what a powerful and mighty force we actually are, and underlying that force is Love, with a capital L.

Of course, such power can be used in many ways, but here we are, the writer and the reader, looking for the best possible choices in order to live our lives in Peace and Harmony. Quite a tall order in this day and age.

We are on this seemingly epic journey in search for what? 

The subtitle of my book Encounter Between Two Worlds is ‘A Journey from Myself to Myself’. This is whom I’ve been trying to find for a large chunk of my life, myself, as if I was lost at the bottom of the ocean or in some vast desert. Or as if part of me was out there in the endless space of our universe, and had to be captured and returned to me. 

Perhaps this sometimes painful and difficult search was just like moving in a circle, inevitably leading back to my starting point, the self. There is no other way, no escape route, when the going gets tough. If life were always cosy and running smoothly, would we bother to search for a deeper meaning? We’d possibly be adopting an armchair-view of life, moving only when required, like a sloth. 

I know that’s little comfort when we are going through a crisis, but it is a comfort. Everything is as it should be, I believe! To find the strength within us to tackle our challenges in a positive, life-affirming way is like splitting the atom – whoooom – and then there is a sense of gratitude and inner peace at the end of it, as a reward. 

Being born into post-war Germany was a painful challenge for me. I carried the burden of guilt from the previous generation in such a way that it became a stifling, restrictive force and cause of much unhappiness. 

On a personal level, I experienced a divorce, single parenthood, burnout…and then…a fantastic journey of self-discovery, firstly through spiritual healing and then by attending every self-help workshop I could find at the time. In the midst of a personal and work-related crisis and under threat of losing my job, I decided to see a Holy Man in India. It was a life-changing step. 

What followed were experiences I could never have dreamed of. Weeks after returning from India, I received a three-hour long video recording about our trip, as a gift from the organisers. The documentary concluded with me singing a devotional song in Hebrew, at a celebration on the last day in India, ‘Shalom my friend, Shalom’. 

What happened next was an unexpected gift from the heavens, an act of Forgiveness and Love. I sobbed my eyes out, for what seemed to me an eternity. When the flow of tears stopped, I felt light and blissfully happy. And, most of all, I was forgiven. 

The collective guilt I had carried for decades had been lifted off my shoulders. I knew that a miracle had just happened to me. 

For years I was unable to share this powerful, life-affirming experience with anyone, it was too big and too important for me to put into words. And anyway, I would not have been able to explain myself to anybody. 

However, my journey to find myself did not stop here. More out-of-the-ordinary events occurred, pushing my way of thinking about such issues as reincarnation and the workings of the universe to their boundaries. 

Again, I would and could not talk to anyone about these incredible events in my life for a long time.  When I met my second husband, eleven years ago, I found the courage to tell him and my son (from my first marriage) about my experiences. Both of them encouraged me to write a book about the journey from myself to myself, as an encouragement to help others on their spiritual journey.

I firmly believe that we are all inextricably linked with one another and with the whole of creation. There is no separation, even if it seems that there is. We are one. All is one. Everything we do, think and say creates an impact. 

We are our own TV and Radio Broadcasting Station, relentlessly beaming out into the world and the universe. 

The information we send out or receive from other stations has an effect on us, on our wellbeing and on our surroundings.  

The part assigned to us, before we agree to our birth and enter into this new life journey, could be compared to an actor’s role in a play. Some of us are Oscar winners right from the start, some of us get to play an endless number of parts before we become award winners, others perhaps need another lifetime, or several.  

Whatever our role is in life, however good or bad we are at playing our part, lets split the atom of Love and explode it into the world. This is so desperately needed right now. Love is all we need! Love is all there is! 

Article by our new elder, Louise Illig-Mooncie. We are very blessed to have her join our team of regular authors and know you will enjoy her work in the coming editions. 

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