Spiritual development is a challenging business, a minefield of appropriate workshops to attend, in an attempt to accelerate our journey. We are not taught how to reach the divine within, certainly not to my perceptions and are often unprepared for the real work and reality of what is involved.

Often, taking the ritual and religious route helps pave the way to understanding but it all comes down to the individual teaching us – how enlightened are they? Do they keep the best information to themselves or do they offer open sharing, beneficial for all? Is it a control mechanism for tutor ego and elitism? Results have been debatable and outcomes mismatched over generations.

Through the years there have been many misconceptions of what ‘the journey’ is all about. Through my own and friends’ spiritual journeys I have come to realise that most are superficial attempts to realise the goal of the Soul and by not aiming high enough, and with misconception, many veils of fog have dulled our vision. Living life with a closed heart prevents us from reaching attainment. For the HEART is the HeARt of the matter – an untapped tool, key to our advancement and awakening. Ignorance of the heart equals many lives to fulfill our Divine Will objective.

We think we are in control of the agenda and outcome.

Certainly, we believe we are in control of the outcome but we don’t see the agenda, it is unconscious to us until we awaken and are working with our HeARt and 6th Senses, our internal ‘Sat Nav’. Over the past 50 years, we have been deaf, blind and dumb, closed to the gifts and opportunities that are available within and the cascading energies via Gaia; energies to awaken us, speed up our individual process to awaken to our collective and individual spiritual goal.

In 2017, we are getting a kick up the backside zodiacally and energetically. It is time to upshift and move on for we have been stuck and slow to awaken to the Aquarian Age agenda which is now pushing us to deal with outdated dramas, storylines and leave Piscean legacy blocks behind. It is time to awaken to our spiritual needs.

 We are not aware of hidden factors that rule us.

Essentially, we have our individual agenda within each life; a life script with lessons to complete. There are injustices to correct (karma) for ourselves, sometimes our family and even our Soul Group. Being bogged down with these lessons has restricted us from fulfilling our prize.  

Unfortunately mismatched teaching and emotional blockages have resulted in heartbreak and closure bringing a smaller vision of attainment and making the road to our goals a longer one. Sometimes the Soul will give us a time frame to complete certain levels of attainment or achievement. If we are ignoring our life script, being diverted and distracted our soul friends can come to offer assistance. They are a mix of family, friends, siblings or associate(s) that help to push our buttons – to look at our reality (not that we appreciate it at the time!) and help guide us through challenging times – they come into our lives for a season, a reason or a lifetime depending upon the challenge that needs mastering.   Lessons are all about learning and correcting a weakness within us, not about punishment as some think.

Of course, we have choice and that is where we are in control of the outcome. Our individual choice will determine the diversion, distraction and outcome. The mind does distract, will divert and create outcomes we do not want. The mind will be influenced by emotions and we can say and do things in anger or frustration that come back to bite.

If we are not abiding by the life script agenda the Soul can also create a ‘Dark Night of the Soul’ experience to pull us up sharp to get our attention.   With 2017 energies, this is happening to a lot of us. I have certainly had lots of calls about the bottom falling out of student’s worlds….   It is time for action and internal attention by us all in 2017.

The Aquarian Age agenda is calling and as she moves forward, people and old ancient ways are being left behind. There are many souls exiting the planet now, their agendas are either complete or they have not been able to move forward due to the denseness they hold or underachievement within life time-frames. They are not ready for the next stage of evolvement –this can transpire for example as a quick illness, stroke or accident. The shock of an unexpected quick removal can be hard for families or friends but for the individual who leaves, there can be the blessing of no more suffering on the treadmill of life.   Those who complete their agenda pave the way for us, pioneers of change and hold energy for us to take over, they have done their bit and we are grateful and acknowledge them with love.

The Soul is in charge, and will pull the rug when appropriate.

Through sessions and workshop exploration, I have found we do arrange exit points with our soul, carried within our life script they lie dormant, unknown on a conscious level. However, acceleration within their spiritual journey can help dilute and remove these exit points making it possible to jump hurdles of suffering or harsh learning outcome and lead to a shift in energetic and auric fields to accommodate the new you.   It is a wonderful experience when this happens, we can feel the upshift within us – our energetics change internally and we grow, move forward realising new visions and outlooks as old doors close and new open for advancement We go up a level of learning.

joy wisdom, Allonus, ancestral healing, shell of soul, DAREAjoy wisdom, Allonus, ancestral healing, shell of soul, DARE

Allonus workshops and D.A.R.E Therapy can accelerate this process.

Save yourself Save your SOUL

Joy Wisdom

Teacher, Author, Body/Mind Practitioner, specialising in Women and Children’s Health, Founder Allonus & D.A.R.E Therapy.

Awarded Inspirational Woman 2015 & Commitment to Excellence 2015  

‘ZEST of Life’ & Allonus LiGHT Healing programmes

Email: info@allonus.co.uk


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