The vessel that is our physical body is made up of many parts and parameters each working silently and automatically 24 hours a day to maintain our wants and needs. Of course, our diet causes internal systems and digestions to fluctuate.

We have several systems to remove toxins from our physical body known as excretory organs.

  1. Gut / Digestive system
  2. Lymphatic system
  3. Bladder and Kidneys
  4. Skin

Our Vagus nerve is responsible for nervous interaction between our brain and all our major organs including gut, heart and lungs. It tells our systems when to secrete, our stomach to churn and is involved with hypertension and heartbeat. Ingestion of toxins and poisons from food and the environment will gradually result in a decline of our gut and excretory systems.  Physical detoxing helps to reduce the impacts of on our systems – there are various over the counter natural and chemical products to help do this.

In Dissolve and Resolve Emotions (D.A.R.E) one-to-one sessions, I commonly find people with remnants of poison both from this and past-lives causing present-day issues in gut, breathing and natural ingestion. In these cases, detoxing is not enough.  It requires direct action to remove the ‘historical base line’ that is still in action today.  With D.A.R.E tools, I find that organs and the lymph system may be still be affected by historic poisoning.

As the deadly poison is absorbed, it closes down a body’s systems and brain although it is possible to be aware of the body shutting down whilst the brain remains active and clear at the time of death. The nervous system closes down and a person is unable to move physically but is still terrifyingly aware of what is happening. This creates indelible, painful memories of the event.

Poison was used as a death sentence in Roman times, Socrates was made to take poison as an audience watched until his body was rendered incapable.

Poison was very prevalent in the Middle Ages, Greeks, Romans and religious groups used it in the elimination of enemies who stood between their personal agenda and power/control. Terrified food tasters were used to taste the food before their king or lord/lady safe to test for poison. In this life, that individual may still have an aversion to food and drink presenting itself as a disfunctional relationship with food and a lack of trust in others.

I have treated quite a few clients who had been ‘tasters’ – irrational fears of eating food with other, preferring to eat alone and only eating what they have bought and cooked themselves! They live with constant anxiety, fear, stress, headaches, allergies, gut issues and skin disorders but in fact they are still experiencing the ‘terror’ they once lived.

Of course, today we have concerning levels of additional man-made poisons and toxins: practices injecting mercury and aluminium in jabs: steroids, copious toxic sprays on grains and plants getting into food chain via animals and products we eat. Poison and toxicity are prevalent in all sorts of ways including beauty, cleaning and bathroom products, sprays.  A full description of health issues by toxins can be found in my book ‘Pregnancy and Birth – a New Generation’.

Today, toxicity includes side-effects from medications and prescribed drugs found to affect memory, brain development, traits of ADHD, arthritis and auto immune dysfunctions… Innocents are living toxicity in present age, from historical and reincarnation, IGTA weakness, causing double and triple whammy incidents persisting adding to already dire levels of LSD syndrome parameters for individuals, and we wonder why we have chronic illness like cancer!

Essentially, our physical body works with what we have created. A weave of incidences, allergic reactions, all creating memories and shock that remains indelible within physical and energetics. We are living ‘cause and effect’ to greater degrees.  Detoxing is more than physical,  we need to remove the emotional fall out (and shock too) to detox and stop the cause and affect continuing in our daily lives. When anxious we stimulate stress hormones that cause inflammation causing decline and chronic disorders such as the  ‘Big C’!

The term ‘empty your vessel’ is common i.e.: Detox.

However, we take this literally and only look at the physical – normally the gut function.   Indeed, it has a place as described above, it is key to good health – a healthy gut will promote a healthy life but we are also affected emotionally and psychologically.

The gut is situated around the Solar and Sacral plexus where we store and hold emotion. All the criticism we have every received (including self critism) is stored here. All of our fears, anxieties, yippy tummies will affect our Solar and Sacral plexus.  They are part of our ‘Will’ centres and develop as we journey through life.  I find most people have lots of issues around both areas and tend to ignore them because there is no pill to fix it. It is important to correct both the Solar and Sacral Plexus as both areas very prevalent in the dysfunction and action of the gut too. If we just concentrate on our physical and not energetics, we have only corrected part of the problem.

Information and awareness are like GOLD. Where we are aware, we can help ourselves and avoid circumstances that continue our accumulation of dis-orders and dis-ease that can be prevented.  Knowledge is power – your inner power.  It pays to be BODY WISE.

Additionally, we have the spiritual detox that has been going on for several decades. We are being ‘pushed’ to remove emotional and psychological damage, to free the spirit and get on with our soul’s journey.  We have been offered many opportunities to accomplish; angelic and soul groups continue support us and, as the years go by we feel the pressure to jettison the olde historical structures and karma accumulated over centuries of repetition

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