“Negatively-charged personality traits are the burden
we each carry as members of humanity. These commonplace
and often fleeting thoughts and feelings lower our vibrational
frequency, and bring out the villain in spite of good intentions,
while polluting our atmosphere. A human being who has been touched
by the grace of Light decides to embrace all of life in order to grow
and bloom into a fully-fledged, soul-connected individual who
can change this world simply by his or her presence.”
Zulma Reyo

How we think is how we perceive, according to Zulma Reyo. The problem is we become trapped in a vortex of thoughts and feelings that we equate with our identity, clouding the authentic spark of Being within. Knowledge of the true self and reality remains elusive to most people – yet this is the key to the self-mastery which enables us to understand reality and ourselves. And this is Zulma’s life’s mission.

Who is Zulma Reyo?

Zulma is an educator, writer, and speaker whose life’s work over the past forty years has taken her from the Americas to Europe, India, South America and finally back to Europe. After traditional university study, she explored various psychotherapies (Gestalt, psychosynthesis, basic massage, bioenergetics, energy balancing, polarity, regression, and psychic arts, among others), world religions, mystical traditions, and energetic practices. Reyo’s life experiences, study, and own mediumistic abilities have culminated in what has become her teaching, ‘Inner Alchemy’.

What is Inner Alchemy?

According to Reyo, we separated long ago from our divine light Source, spawning the individual ‘I’ and incarnating as divine sparks in dense bodies of flesh. Inner Alchemy is the process of transforming and mastering that inner self, vibrating our material bodies at higher frequencies in alignment with the vibrations of our original light Source. While outer alchemy sought to transmute lead into gold, Inner Alchemy transmutes matter back into light, helping us realise the philosopher’s stone was within us all along. The transformation of your personal self is the ultimate alchemy.

In contrast to common methods of repression, inner alchemy embraces all aspects of the self and transforms them into their highest version; e.g., rather than repressing anger or the desire for power, we should instead harness and alchemically transform it into leadership skills. What may seem negative can actually be revealed as positive on higher-frequency levels of our being, and we may thus transform destructive energy into constructive energy.

The path of Inner Alchemy is now available to all through the release of Zulma’s new book, Inner Alchemy: The Path of Mastery, published in Spring 2021, and the opening of the Zulma Reyo School of Consciousness in Mallorca in March 2021.

The Zulma Reyo School of Consciousness

At the very core of the teachings of the Zulma Reyo School of Consciousness is the premise that we can be the change we wish to see in our world. The School seeks students who know that in the rebuilding of the self rests the power to rebuild our world.

The teachings address the fundamental questions of reality, the nature of life, Consciousness, how we may uncover and commune with our soul; they offer a solid theoretical basis, all the while providing the practical tools and methods for lasting change. Based upon wisdom drawn from a multitude of sources and practical experience (through meditations and exercises), the syllabus explores three main levels:

  • Mind – the study of our mind, group mind, and Higher mind, revealing how thinking and feeling alter perception and influence (us and) our surrounding reality.
  • Whole-self integration – the study of the human energetic anatomy, personal faculties, powers, and energetic practices and principles.
  • Self-mastery, healing and transformation – leaping into higher vibrational states of being with the tools and ability to manifest a greater purpose.

The aim of these studies is to enable alchemical ‘transmutation’ and to prepare students to live in service whilst upholding the principles of Spirit. The focus of our school is on training rather than therapy, and on community instead of personal benefit. Students are encouraged to contribute to world service through their way of life and professional expression. The teachings are expansive and personalised: it is not a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

Courses at the school last for three years, but unlike traditional university degrees which take over daily life, they have been designed into four four-day residential modules and a final two-week intensive retreat to best integrate the teachings into students’ professional and daily lives.

Who should apply?

‘Anyone with an open mind and an open heart’ is welcome, according to Zulma – and sometimes the best students are the ones who don’t know anything! She gives tremendous importance to the personal touch, and students should expect a personalised approach built on trust and understanding that redefine the student-teacher relationship and bring the best out of everyone.
The school accepts students over 21. All nationalities are welcomed, with courses running in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Options for further study with the full backing of LightEn, the philanthropic organisation that supports the School is available.

For more on Inner Alchemy and the School, please visit the website at: www.zrsoc.com

You can also find out more about Zulma and her teachings on social networks such as Instagram, Facebook. Her YouTube channel also has a collection of talks on Inner Alchemy and about the School.


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