When there is an uprising of negative emotion and you feel weakened and despondent remember that your ‘visitor’ is awaiting a response from you. It’s asking to be acknowledged and recognized, given validation and provided we respond with an open, compassionate forgiving heart then we will alleviate much suffering.

Life can be unjust and unfair, too many people can attest to this but we just have to work with the material we have been given, in the best way we can, hoping that we will eventually step back on the road to recovery. We must never forget that in the darkest hours we can still meet our salvation.

We need to take a deep, penetrating look into our individual lives with nothing held back, nothing hidden, nothing left out. Then, and only then, can we start on the healing journey.

The moment we accept healing into our lives, the moment we surrender to its power of transformation is the moment we start to feel better on the road to improving our health.

At regular interval throughout your busy, busy day remind yourself to check-in to your body to see if it’s under some kind of tension or stress. Take deep, mindful breaths and try to relax. Remember, your physical health is the most important consideration here not over-busy activity that you are anxious to complete.

“ One word frees us of all the weight and pain of life. That word is love.”                        


When we experience long-term, persistent pain that refuses to be categorized, diagnosed as an ‘official’ illness we must drop our tendency to continually pathologize it – wrapping it up in a ‘clinical’ content that we think we can understand and dealt with. Instead we should just open up ( in a no-judgemental, allowful manner) to its mystery – to what is happening in our bodies, and then rest. Suspend any thoughts about ‘fixing’ or ‘healing’ and just allow yourself to be mindfully present, fully alive to the mystery of it all. Then, in this surrender, this allowfulness we might just see some progress.

Ensure that you are getting enough sleep, and daytime rest, on a regular basis. Getting enough solid sleep at night is vital if we are to live up to our full potential. Start slowly to wind down in the evening, avoiding any strenuous activity, caffeine and other simulants. Keep warm and listen to your body for when it’s ready to sleep. If your sleeplessness persists consult a doctor, don’t just leave it. Stopping for momentary rest periods throughout the day, is of importance as well, for it also aids our mental and physical health. Even if it’s only for a few minutes, just pull back from what you are doing and relax. Concentrate on your breath and feel its full depth of experience. Don’t be too anxious to re-engage with your normal activity, just enjoy this special space of peace and calm.

Sometimes healing asks us to unravel the fabric of our lives, the deeper, inner drama that keeps us away from meeting our true self, the one that is waiting to lead us into a new life.

Healing, at its core, involves us in adopting a compassionate, non-judging awareness that is ultimately boundless and edgeless; a healing that encompasses everything within its loving reach.

 Article by Michael Lewin.   


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