One of our grand-daughters has a new kitten called Mossy, who at 10-weeks-old, realising that there is more to life than the room in which he lives, has been awaiting a chance to explore the new world beyond the door. So it is with us. As a child growing up during WW2, my first adventure began at a small two-classroom school up the road. Later on, when eight years old, my world opened up further: I began to realise that I had an inner world as well as an outer one and that this world occasionally communicated with me. Also, I progressed to the big school closest to my home so as to minimize the risk from the Nazi bombing. This school was a convent, which provided another different glimpse or perspective and an opportunity for times of stillness in the catholic chapel…

I read Geography at University in order to explore more of our world and then fell wildly in love. So, marriage and four baby daughters later, I discovered how love is the creative force in the world and that life is more wondrous than I had previously realised. However, the reality of death was still beyond my horizon until my beloved father entered his final illness after several operations for cancer. He had gone to stay with my sister while my mother took a holiday from caring for him. I was in church for the confirmation of our second daughter when, suddenly, my father was standing in front of me smiling and I was filled with an incredible sense of joy. ’He cannot be here, unless he has died’ I thought ‘but if he had why would I be feeling so filled with joy?’ When I got home my sister rang and, indeed, he had died.
During that next week, our home was lifted into a different energetic space; it was a bit like living in heaven, and I had some amazing conversations with him. It was shortly after this that I met Ursula Burton during a conference in Iona, which is a place where it seems that the veils are thinner and access to inner worlds is more possible. We met as frequently as we could and it was over a shared breakfast that that we began to know that it was our task to write a book.

After this book’s publication in 1984, we continued to meet and write for another eight years until Ursula also contracted inoperable cancer. I accompanied her as much as I could through her dying process, with another friend, Joyce, undertaking the majority of the caring. My share was at weekends as I was working full time. I would return home via Heathrow on a Sunday evening. On the Tuesday, soon after midday, Joyce rang to say that Ursula had passed. So, I gathered a small case and drove back to Heathrow. The plane had not even taken off when suddenly Ursula appeared and started to speak to me. Now this speaking is not heard through the outer ear but in an inner and telepathic kind of way that is like a different voice within one’s own thinking. We previously had the idea that we would write another book together when one of us had passed on, and it was clear that this was now Ursula’s intention. No longer having a physical body was not going to stop her!
Our conversation on the plane, followed by many others, are all included in my recent book Awakening to a New Reality: Conscious Conversations across the Horizon of Death. From her new dimensional perspective, which is not visible or audible to our five senses but in many ways interconnects with our own third dimensional reality, Ursula was keen to share with me all that she was discovering. I had already come to realise that we had other, subtle bodies and that it is only the physical body that we leave behind when we die. It seems that death, which can be such a traumatic experience for those of us left behind, is not such a big deal for those who discover a new reality and that a different kind of participation in our present world continues to be possible.

We are beginning to learn more about other dimensions of being through the increasing number of people that have returned from a near death experience and lived on in this present reality, and we are beginning to discover a new reality that is beyond our present knowing. Now, as ‘after-death communication’ with those who have left our sphere is becoming more readily accepted, we will have the courage to open to this ongoing form of communication and bereavement will not be quite as painful as once it was. Only nine months ago my own beloved husband passed on. We had been married for sixty-three years, so I was not spared the experience of grief, but it has been softened by the conversations I have had with him since the moment I awoke to find that he had stopped breathing in bed beside me. Additionally, I hold the sense that he is in my heart all the time. Just like Mossy, there is much for us all to discover beyond our present knowing and that we each have a role to play in bringing earth into a more heaven-like reality at this present time.

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