Life can be complicated; sometimes we find the jungle of demands on our time hard to steer through. The melee that follows when the cat has just been ill on your new rug, the kids are demanding the cereal you haven’t got and likening the one you do have to shredded cardboard.

Your car keys have disappeared to that “safe” place just when you need them most, you’re late for work and there is a burst water main en route and to top it all 31 followers have left your Instagram account because you chastised the cat for the earlier misdemeanour. It all seems too much!

“Why can’t life just be simple?” echoes through your mind as you battle your way through the day.

When you stop to think about it, that IS a very good question!

Most of the day to day experiences we have are relatively small challenges, they are simply frustrations we would prefer not to have, just hindrances to our desire for a simple, easy life, one that flows from A to B with ease and grace.

Yet when these every day “mountains” we climb become our focal point the deeper meanings to our challenges stay concealed.

One belief is that we are here to face our challenges and through them enable our soul to learn lessons of respect, compassion and empathy and so much more. To help each other, add value to the world and express our unique self.

How we react to our daily frustrations has a part to play in this. Our inner dialogue, what we tell ourselves, the way we focus on what is wrong with our lives, often over and over again simply reduces our vibration. Our natural energy is lowered and then the universe offers us more of what exists on that level of energy.

Yet if we could shift to seeing a bigger picture and that every situation has within it a reason or lesson then we may be better for it.  The cat is ill but perhaps it’s time to show compassion and care. Are we paying attention to the needs of our loved ones ? Is our focus going astray so we are losing things, are we trying to do too much? Perhaps the hold up with the burst water main is actually protecting us from a bigger problem. Does your focus in life centre around how your life looks to others or how it feels for you?

The way forward may be in allowing, accepting and non- attachment. Allowing things to happen in their natural rhythm, accepting what is and moving through a situation with realisation it is going on but not emotionally attaching to the proceedings.

For help with this perhaps we could turn to one of our greatest teachers, NATURE.

After the short days and long nights of Winter suddenly Spring appears and we feel a lift, a slightly lighter feel in the air, the sun shows its face alongside the bite of a crisp morning. Snowdrops and sunshine go hand in hand: the world is a little brighter; the air a little fresher, a feeling of hope emerges with prospects of new beginnings.

This leads us into the blissful freedom of the longer days of summer with trees full to the brim with various tones of green and the warmth of the sun lifting our spirits. Then the closing down which arrives with Autumn releasing all that is no longer needed, a time for reaping the harvest of the sown seeds and work done earlier before quietly hibernating, renewing and relaxing to gain strength for the new beginnings of Spring once again.

There are many lessons in the natural rhythm of nature, the cycle of the seasons simply displaying there is a time for everything. A time for new beginnings, for sowing the seeds of change, a time for growth and a time for re-evaluating and then harvesting all that has been learned and then resting and consolidating ready for renewal once again.

The silent acceptance of what is, what will be, trusting that all will follow in a natural order as it should. There is peace in this acceptance.

Allowing what is happening in your life to happen without resistance. To deal with what we can practically and then leave it alone emotionally. Not avoidance, not burying your head in the sand instead acceptance with awareness. Not investing in the drama of the situation, if you like, taking a step back and viewing the situation as if you were a spectator and trying to see if there is a lesson in what is happening.

Perhaps it is a lesson in patience or perhaps a reminder to be a little more thoughtful or time to consider your priorities. Is it time to be grateful for all the things that are right in your life? Focussing on them and allowing that gratefulness to filter into the moments when things seem to go astray.

We see the natural balance and the timeliness of changes in nature. If we take time out from the daily stress of life, look beyond that, accept, allow and appreciate what is, then life CAN be simple.

Take time to walk in the park, feed the ducks, splash in puddles with your children and listen to the breeze through the trees, watch the sun rising and setting, look up at the stars. All of this counts; it brings balance and helps you remember who you are, a part of nature with a connection to the earth, part of its cycle.

Capture the joy within the simple pleasures in life. With this in place the reaction to those frustrations in life will become more grounded and balanced.

Why isn’t life simple? It can be….just take a step back, connect to the rhythm of your soul and let nature be your guide.

Patricia McDowall 

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