Congratulations! You’ve made it through COVID 2020! You are entitled to a re-set!

When you rang in the New Year, were you hoping that 2021 would be completely different? Maybe dreaming the vaccine will allow us to jet set to a sunny beach again or hoping to get rid of that COVID stone that 48% of us have put on in 2020. Once you are sat on that beach, or the scales show you a positive number, what is the next thing you do? Do you start thinking of the next goal? Or dreaming of staying on that sunny beach forever? Rather than just enjoying life, simply the way it is. This is what we call the never-ending search. This desire for the next achievement, or experience will not disappear until you know what is constant. This constant is the answer to ‘Who am I?’. Once you know this you are grounded. You will be free of this never-ending search. You are liberated and free to enjoy the simplicity of life. Whether this is the joy of endless rainy days, or blue sunshine.

Seekers were first pointed to knowing the answer to ‘Who am I?’ by Ramana Maharshi. By finding this answer from living in a cave for almost 20 years, he achieved, what is known as self- actualisation, or enlightenment. Why would anyone want to be enlightened though? Before we became enlightened we questioned the meaning of life. Seeking meanings in horoscopes, pretty slogans, what people said, or how we felt. We would spend days trying to meditate, clinging to an experience of peace. Now none of that is necessary in our lives, we just simply enjoy the now. Having the ground of knowing the meaning of life. Our lives are like being sat on that endless sunny beach, even when it is actually raining, or cloudy. We no longer desire to escape any moment under the false belief that it will make us happy. We simply are.

Now Enlightenment is a dirty word. It can leave people thinking of something unattainable. Of a Buddha at the top of a hill in deep awareness of the universe. How can this be for everyone? It’s for the exceptional Eckhart Tolle’s of the world. People who can have a magical experience, and then ta da! You are enlightened. But what if this was just not true? What if life could simply be an eternity of being sat on that beach in the sun. And that this is for everyone, not just the few.

So, first the good news, you do not have to go live in a cave for 20 years. Neither do you need to wait to have this magical stick hit you over the head, and then you might become enlightened overnight. The process to enlightenment is actually very simple. The first step to this is to simply know the ground. This is the answer to ‘Who am I?’. This is because it is constant, never changing, never remembered or understood. The next step is to clear the questions. These questions come from your mind and will need to be cleared after you have recognised ‘Who am I?’. Simply put, this is the formula to ending your search, to know enlightenment once, and for all.

How can it be so simple? If it were so simple, wouldn’t everyone be enlightened? Well, it’s because being awakened, by knowing the answer to ‘Who am I?’ is something that your mind is not able to understand. This is because our minds cannot understand what is not understandable. Let’s be a bit scientific for a moment. Our minds have evolved to understand the world around us. They have evolved to enable us to run away from attacking bears; to understand how to forage for non- poisonous berries. Our minds are wonderous creations that protect our body and drive us to procreate. Let’s take another example, think of the word peace right now. Does your body feel warm and relaxed? Like it weighs nothing at all? Now how long can you hold onto that? 5, maybe 10 minutes, if you concentrate? This is what we call a body experience. It is amazing, but that is all it is. It is not peace. It is also not the answer to ‘Who am I?’

So, how do you know ‘Who am I?’. The first step is to understand the mechanism of how your mind thinks, versus just existing. This is why meditation is typically recommended. Personally, this never did anything for us. For us it was walking in nature and listening to music. In a moment when you are not thinking, and that includes not creating a feeling of peace, this is when you may know ‘Who am I?’. Your mind will then validate ‘Who am I?’. Now here is the magic trick. When this moment passes, can you remember who you are? If you want to know if your answer is right, or if you want to enjoy life as if every day was filled with endless sunshine, please get in touch.

Because what else can you want from Life?
The Magician runs personalised Satsangs to help people know the meaning of life, by first coming to know their true nature. To learn more about the Magician and the Fairy please visit We would love to hear from you on

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