Three years ago, I was asked to produce a deck of oracle cards. My immediate thought was rather negative. Weren’t there too many of them already; seen one tarot or angel deck you have seen them all, right? But I was most naïve, for what opened up to me instead was a world of almost infinite possibilities to create something that can make an intimate connection with the reader, through not only the imagery but the messages, invocations, and information that all wait to be revealed. Within the palm of your hand, is the answer to end your procrastination and move forward…

Look carefully and you can find the tools to help you connect directly to all that have gone before you and all of Nature; the infinite Source of energy that fuels all you are and all you can be, communicating to you by whichever avenue or method you are most open to. The cards we are dealt are not fixed forever, but like our own experience of life, ever-evolving before our very eyes. And this is not new, indeed divination has always been with us, and now we are able to harness a form of it that is accessible, inspiring, beautiful and powerful.

Powers that be

The modern interpretation of ‘divination’ relates to the practice of seeking knowledge of the future or the unknown by ‘supernatural’ means. This actually has more to do with the way in which we, individually perceive and affect the world around us and the energy that pervades everything, than it has with the religious idea of being inspired by God to gain insight. Often, we seek answers, a little direction, inspiration or support. Using a deck of oracle cards to help make sense of what is going on in your life is about renewing your connection with your higher self or even a gut feeling, to make sense of the unseen and consider a variety of outcomes. Like conversing with a wise confidant who, having done and seen it all, could tell you what may or may not happen, depending on which path you choose to take.

The thing is people have always sought advice and have wanted a ‘heads up’ to prepare for what is yet to come; to know if they are on the right track; if they are with the right person; if they are doing what they should to avoid problems. All of this in order to take the weight off their minds and allow a sense of control, assurance, and security to flow through them. The common misconception is that divination will tell you your future; what will actually happen regardless of what you say or do. That is rarely the case when turning the cards, for example, you are being given an opportunity to look at possibilities, blockages, and solutions. You still have to take the action and you are free to choose what, if any, action you take. The general intention is that we engage the emotional self, with our spiritual or energetic self to reveal options that might otherwise remain hidden or we are blinded too. Then whilst in this space of purest intention we can focus on the matter at hand, allowing our minds the breathing space it needs to make sense of our thoughts and concerns, by engaging with our ‘soul knowing’ (intuition or ‘gut feeling’), to come to a clearer understanding of what is going on.

Picking the right deck

There are a plethora of oracle card decks available, and many people are drawn to more than one or two… Some collect decks related to their affinity with angels or faeries, for example, whilst others will be drawn to animals or goddesses, the moon or spiritual guides. Whatever speaks to you be sure to look for ‘good quality’ decks. A sturdy box, thicker cards (some are even gilded) with high-resolution detailed imagery, and a comprehensive booklet that offers messages or guidance, revelations, invocations and so on. Choose carefully and the deck will serve you well, and for a long time to come. And remember, as with all things worth doing, practice makes perfect, so get familiar with your deck.

Three Card Spread

With your chosen oracle cards deck to hand, shuffle the deck and simultaneously ask your guides to help you receive an accurate reading for your highest good. Then, ask for the truth to be revealed regarding any situation you’d like more information about. Stop shuffling whenever you feel ready. The idea is to lay down three cards, reading them from left to right; it can be past/present/future or matters of the mind/body/spirit or background/problem/advice. Take the top card from the deck and place it face-up in front of you. Take the next card from the top of the deck, and lay this, face-up, to the right of the first card. Finally, take the third card from the top of the deck and place this one to the right of the second card, again face-up. Now using the book, you can read the messages each card holds for this medium-term reading.

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