There are only two certainties in life, one is taxes and the other is death.

Benjamin Franklyn

Yet, there is a third lurking beneath the surface. We’ve all wondered or asked at one time or another “What will happen next?” –  closely followed by “when” and with the complexities of life, combined with our insecurities, it doesn’t stop there. After these two come a gaggle of questions, such as:

  • What went wrong?
  • What’s my purpose?
  • Does he or she love me?
  • Is he or she going to leave me?
  • Will I get a job?
  • Will lose my job?
  • Will I have a baby?
  • Am I going to meet someone?
  • Am I going to be happy?

To help them find the answers, an ever-increasing number of people consult with professional psychics; the unsung heroes of the counselling profession who are quickly becoming the new wellness therapists in these unprecedented times.

Although the role of the psychic is becoming an ever increasingly diverse one, their main function remains; to act as a channel and relay messages, guidance and insights received from your guides, angels and loved ones in Spirit, to you. Contrary to popular belief, it is not the place of the psychic to give a definitive answer, tell you what to do or make predictions. The messages you see, are for you and no one else. It is for you to process the information, and if it doesn’t make sense to you at the time, put it on the back burner until it does.

Spiritually sourced knowledge is the type of data that can’t be found elsewhere on the earth plane. Governed by the Laws of the Cosmos it can give you a greater understanding and awareness about yourself, guidance regarding your situation and reveal that which is otherwise hidden. This can be a very empowering process if the psychic reads in a responsible, constructive, meaningful, mindful way without ‘predicting’. It can help you take control of your life and move forward, carving out your destiny as you go.

More often than not, psychics who predict are likely to leave you mindlessly waiting for whatever you were told to never happen because the one truth which applies to psychic readings was overlooked by both parties.

That truth is that although everyone who has activated their psychic abilities can predict, no psychic, professional or otherwise, can guarantee the prediction will take place.

Parallel universes exist within the cosmos which means you live more than one life at the same time and each life will differ from the other. Furthermore, each life will be subjected to a past, present and future timeline within the spacetime continuum, which lies within the eternal now, which includes all reincarnations ever lived within all your concurrent lives; and psychics, whether they know it or not, receive information from all these versions of you.

So, although the information predicted will be correct, it will not come to pass if it is   applied to the wrong life in the wrong universe. A responsible psychic will take this into account during a reading and will not predict.  If they do, the psychic is a catalyst for you to experience a steep learning curve.

Despite the number of predictions that don’t come true, psychics are still viewed synonymously with prediction and many clients expect to receive them. The ancient art of prediction is a psychological tool based upon the fact that knowledge of any type, received from any source, whether true or false, positive or negative, creates a fundamental, transformational shift within a person’s thinking and the information gained from Spirit through psychic readings is no different. Predictive readings have a similar effect on your mind as spells; they influence your decision-making and actions at a subliminal level and through your own thoughts and actions you either unwittingly make the prediction come true or it catapults you into the waiting game where you remain until you recognise the prediction isn’t going to happen. If you ask for a prediction, you need to take your share of responsibility if it doesn’t materialize.

For those who fall victim of well-meaning psychics who use unsolicited contact to deliver a predictive message, the distress caused is far worse.

For a stranger, a friend or even a family member who is psychic to give a message out of the blue, without first asking permission to do so, is a disempowering act that can needlessly devastate a person. There will also be a karmic aspect which can be balanced by the psychic choosing not to act when drawn to do so.

Thankfully such a practice has started to die out. Psychics are becoming far more aware of the spiritual power they hold and the of possible psychological damage predicting can cause.

If you experience such an invasion of privacy, tell them to stop – by doing so you regain your power.

Article by Elizabeth Francis

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