For many years I have worked with a group of ancestors in spirit to bring guidance and soul understanding to many souls in need.  

It has been wonderful to see the help that comes through to assist the soul in reaching a deeper level of understanding to deal with their current problems, issues or conditions.   Our spiritual DNA is not just about our earthly ancestors, our current family history.  Our spiritual DNA is our Ancestral Group Soul.  This is the history of our Soul.   Being part of an ancestral group soul takes us beyond the immediate family history.   Indeed, some people feel very little connection with their earthly family whilst others know they share a deep affinity.   On both counts group karma is operating.   We are facets of a greater Group Soul.   It is the Group Soul that knows the Plan, the greater Plan.  The Group Soul knows its objective and creates the circumstances for each individual aspect to incarnate to continue the journey of self-discovery.

What is the Ancestral Group Soul?  A group soul is made up of individual soul facets. The ancestry comes from the initial creation of our group soul and on the Planetary life ray,  root-race, what initiation ( human or planetary) we are experiencing, what soul lessons we are learning and what spiritual qualities we are unfolding.

Our ancestors live through us as a natural progression of evolution.  As aspects of something greater than ourselves, as we evolve, as we learn and unfold our own spiritual qualities, so are the ancestral group soul unfolding and learning too.   This means that through us our ancestral group soul continues its journey through one lifetime after another.   Is this then the eternal life? As we evolve, albeit in different bodies, the soul memory, the consciousness continues to develop and grow until we reach that point of the Omega, I KNOW THAT I AM.

Our spiritual DNA is not about producing exacting results at a molecular and cellular level. It is about understanding our ancestry at soul and spiritual level.    It is about the understanding of who we are and what part we play in the unfolding purpose of humanity.  Our lives are not just about ‘plain little me’, our lives are integrated with something far greater than ourselves.  If this is so, how come we are not aware of this?  Very simply, it is the experience of our lives and conditions that is enabling that group soul to evolve. So too other aspects of the group soul developing and unfolding through their own experience, enriching the whole group.   If we knew or were aware of others, then our reaction to our experiences would be influenced by this knowledge and our soul can only progress by our own reaction and how we deal with that experience.

To honour our ancestors, we must first honour ourselves.   Not just as the individual we see in the mirror each day, but as the soul that is behind the Light shining from our eyes.   It is this acceptance of the soul that will eventually help us to recognise our true being.   It is this understanding that will eventually give credence to the essence of our being.     This understanding, this knowledge comes with self-realisation.   We may read many books, go to many lectures and workshops and listen to many teachers and we may acquire knowledge of the mind, but until we have realised TRUTH in our hearts, we will never really ‘know’ – this is our inner knowledge, this is gnosis.

It is through the soul memory that we can contact the ancestral group soul.   The ancestors are there to help us.    Through their own experiences, they have given us many gifts, many qualities.   These are our spiritual genes.   What we do with them is up to us.   It is our own experiences that enhance these genes.  As we develop and unfold our spiritual qualities through the lessons we learn from everyday life, so are we enriching the very essence of our ancestral group soul.    When we begin to realise that the soul is the real US, we also realise that the personality is not an enemy to our growth.  The personality is the servant of the soul; it is the vehicle through which the soul can express itself.   The more we allow this to happen, the more that we are expressing our divinity into the world.

We are not separate from God, we are rather integral parts of God – we are co-creators with the Divine Will.  Our enlightenment does not come by a gift from God; it comes from our well-earned lessons throughout our soul’s journey and history.   Enlightenment means becoming the radiant divine self that we are, once we have shed the cloak of the personality.

Our motivation comes with the knowledge that we are Eternal; that there never has been a time when we have not been spirit.  In this realisation we know that whatever life may throw at us, we have that inner depth, that inner strength to cope and overcome.

The Soul of Humanity is awakening to its real ‘I AM’, to its real consciousness.   It is awakening to its true potential, to a spiritual dimension deep within.   It may not always understand or know what that potential is, but it senses that there is so much more than one life.   We are part of something greater. We are awakening to our collective soul – a group soul.   It has learned through its history of collective experiences; it has expressed itself through different races, religions, cultures and it is now awaiting its moment to sense, through the miasma of human diversity, that inner unity.  It is through the richness of our differences, our diversity that we will recognise who we are and unite in true brotherhood.

Let us support humanity’s oneness by honouring diversity.

Astra Julia Ferro

Author of ‘Stepping Stones on the Spiritual Path”

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