We want to fall in love, to be with ‘the one’ forever, but what does forever really mean?

From a tiny young age we are conditioned to believe in the happy ever after, and that if we’re lucky, very lucky, we can find it. But life in reality doesn’t always work quite like that… Real life must set in. Mood swings, hormones, the stresses of daily living, insecurities, boundaries, programming, personalities, commitments, baggage – adultery or even death will play a part. We live mainly for the high’s, for sweet moments and good times, but in truth love alone can’t sustain these times for long, and our impressions of what love is can be different.

You are pure love incarnated at this moment – and all through your life; searching outwardly to find the best fit, the one you’ll feel most complete with, but there in lays the catch; you first must be complete within your own self to find your match…

You are a soul on a journey first and foremost, here on Earth to explore and progress, to build a life of your own choosing and deepest wishes. Every soul is here for that very same reason. We have karma to work though and negate, with qualities to achieve, people to bump into, to aid or to know and to love – for a while at least…

You are not all alone, but part of a much bigger picture itself still unfolding and finding its feet, like separate characters in a group play on a stage, the difference being that real life is the production we’re producing.

We are programmed to love, for love is what each of us is. It’s the single most powerful force on the planet – but not always as at first you’d expect.

Deep within our psyche we are programmed to find a mate, to reproduce, to keep humanity flowing. In the west we have free will and free choice to find the one that best fits our personality and dreams. But remember that this world is a big place. Times have changed and we live a lot longer…

Too much emphasis is placed upon finding the right partner too early on in our life, to the point it can sometimes take over, and become what many people live only to find. It becomes the be all and end all of their purpose and search, the only way they can see and measure self and life…

Yet love is eternally with you. You are love. You are made of it. You live, breath, share and produce it. It’s behind every thought and decision you make. You are pure love in action – so when you search outwardly in directions to find it – you simply disconnect from your loving self. You ‘believe’ you need another to make you whole and more complete. You pin your dreams of happiness onto finding and then keeping what you’ve found… But who in reality can sustain such a weight? And why should another person be held responsible for sustaining lifelong happiness that’s really yours?

Life is ‘your’ gift, to experience, express and explore. When your focus is just on love and on finding/keeping a certain partner at all cost, you can miss opportunities destined to widen your enjoyment. Every soul has many souls that within a life time they’ll connect to. Not all are destined to stay around forever, some will love and touch your journey, others will help you redraw, re-think, fine tune, rebalance and grow – you’ll help one another push boundaries.

We all have a soul mate somewhere on Earth, but they might not be meant to stay with your whole life. Sometimes within life’s overall but unwritten plan, it’s good enough that we will meet, that our lives touch and entwine at least for a while, but then life continues its path and we must move with it, we may need to journey on in separate directions.

This love that you’ve shared will stay with you forever, as a marker of what can be attained. But once you’ve had that great love (and remember not all will find it), if you can’t be together now, the love you have will never fade, but quite the opposite. When love is real and life itself no longer can touch it – its presence remains a beacon burning bright.

The next person you’ll meet is often more likely to be someone who now needs you more. On karmic levels you’ll stretch and help each other grow. The relationship might be difficult, but your love will represent so much more because an adult type love will now develop – and very often this will be karmic business unfinished. You’ll love them differently than you loved the one who’s gone, but deep respect, understanding, appreciation and commitment will now assist.

It is not written where or when along your journey that your ‘soul mate’ will appear, it could be early on – it could be later… If you’re lucky then ‘this’ life will be the one you will share… but if not then understand that for now you can’t be together, that pressures and situations would take control and change things, and that what you now share, life and truth could not sustain… so help the one you love the most – let them go…

The love you carry for them will not die. It will remain in your heart as the place you sometimes visit when you need a shot of love to keep going.

When you let go of what you most want to keep hold of, somehow it will always be yours, because you didn’t spoil with loud demands the love you shared.

Sometimes souls only meet for a while, and as much as that may hurt, it’s ok – it’s just for ‘this’ life. You came together to experience great love – and this you did, but your journey’s from that point forward may now differ. Another life, another time, perhaps you’ll share.

Close your eyes. Feel what is in your heart at this moment right now. Not the pain of separation or the hurt you’ve been through (let that go to be recycled), but the love that fills your being, that fills your soul…

Don’t feel you are broken – because you’re not. Don’t believe you really need them in your life or you will die – because you won’t. At this moment you’re both souls that need extra room to grow. You may be sad and hurt a lot but it will pass. And who knows what the future may hold?

In truth there is someone who needs you more now, and together though life is different, you’ll both grow.

Love has many changing facets, many depths and many guises. Each one will touch your heart in different ways…

Though your heart may feel broken, it’s still beating strong. It loves you and will serve you for life…

Stephanie J.King

Soulpreneur ™ and Divine Guidance Guru…


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