23 September – 22 October

Your life has been a constant ebb and flow of challenges, opportunities and conundrums. Whilst this could be said for a great many souls, there is a sense that you have had more than your fair share of change to deal with. There are times when everything flows like a perfectly set out instruction manual, but mostly life can feel like the guide to some flat pack furniture – frustrating, illogical and downright perplexing. There are many people who never look at the instructions for flat pack furniture, preferring to figure it out unaided, and there are some who would simply pay someone else to do it, but you are more inclined to try to follow the manual as you know you’ve been given it for a reason! Yet, as much as you try to follow the rules, your consciousness tugs in a different direction asking you to trust your intuition to go your own way.

You would probably be happiest for the furniture just to be up and functional rather than going through the process of piecing it together as it feels like a hindrance to even be contemplating any of this! Yet, there really isn’t anything straightforward about you, and whilst you don’t invite complexity into your life, you realise it’s a gift as it enables you to make sense of the bigger picture of your life, adding context to the ebb and flow of challenges, opportunities and conundrums. It can be confusing to know whether to follow the guidebook or to go your own way, but life isn’t black or white, and it’s not about doing one or the other, it’s about merging together the many different facets of your soul into a big, beautiful whole. Go with the flow of your life, celebrate your quirks and go your own way…

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