How many of us manage to achieve and dance in our own shoes? What does it truly mean? Pondering the question, I realised it meant various things with varied results for each of us.

How do we define dancing in our own shoes? My first thought was one of  confidence, self-esteem and success measured by materialism, defined as a sense of ‘arriving’ or having ‘made it’.

But the outcomes for spiritual ‘dancing in our own shoes’ are very different.

Materialism is not part of the agenda. On a spiritual or karmic level we earn our credit with kindness, positive thoughts, love and compassion – finding oneself is part of our spiritual agenda.

Our first goal however, is turning the proverbial ‘Lead into Gold’, the alchemical process of throwing out old, ancient ideals and beliefs and embracing internal change, constantly in motion. This is achieved by developing internal energetics and physicality to activate internal LIGHT – our sixth senses begin to awaken and sign on to this way of being.  As energetic packages, we hold all we need to support us on our spiritual journey and our life agenda.  Connection and alignment are the key.

Over lifetimes we have been taught to look externally for our happiness and to ignore internal states and interactions driven from our senses. This is where the process of spiritual awakening can be long and bumpy, where we can feel very alone and frustrated within this process.

Even once we have managed to turn ‘Lead (negativity) into Gold (positiveness and light)’ spirit essence, we feel we have already ran marathons and climbed several mountains!  Spurred on, delighted and enlightened by this mammoth achievement, we realise the true goal of our spiritual journey has only just begun.

Part of the delay and glitches that made this journey so arduous is the ‘stuff’ we have created and absorbed from others. It is at this point we realise we need to throw off the overcoats of many colours – shed the load, and the burden.

We may have dealt with our own conditioning and corrected our adverse choices, but have we dealt with hidden factors –  others’ conditioning and perceptions that have entrapped us in behaviour anchored in ancient living. Invariably not, as we don’t see the ‘lock-ins’ when they are  biologically and psychologically embedded, passed on through lineages and cultures – we don’t realise the effect they have on our everyday lives.

The spiritual path of enlightenment comes in different packages for each of us, each journey is unique and yet the destination remains the same for us all – to get you back to the real you.

However, the weave of our original plan has been severely hijacked by the mix of self, culture, lineage additions and choices, diverting us away from the original theme. Historical actions made their impressions upon us to greater degrees than appreciated. No wonder we are exhausted trying to get back to the self, to be able to once again stand in our own shoes.

Spiritual consciousness is accelerating fast and we are becoming more aware of our global predicament from ages past. Legacies from the Piscean age are entrapping family conditioning in concrete – heavy to carry and hard to break down.

Our original life plan would have included a strategy to avoid, walk away, or ignore and whilst some of us were able to adhere to that strategy, others have fallen fowl, and remain ‘locked in’ to old roles and loyalties.  These are the shoes we don’t want to stand in, the ones that are uncomfortable to wear.

Having some level of understanding of this plight does give us compassion to help others, to share our knowledge of how to achieve fast track and enable new tools to help accelerate change, allowing attainment with vision and inspiration to find their own shoes.

One of the most challenging lessons in our spiritual journey is learning how to accept ourselves, to be able to acknowledge our imperfections and be prepared to make change. and to understand they may not be ours in the first place.

To attain the Power of Unconditional Love we have to learn to give without expectation of reward or reciprocation. This can be a long journey, especially if we have been bred from lower levels of love; conditional, rejection, abandonment, survival (conditional love) for we cannot give if we have not received. Under these circumstances, Love becomes a mystery.

Liking and loving the self is paramount if we want to stand comfortably in our own shoes. 

To be able to accept our selves, warts and all is unconditional love. The Love comes from the heart, giving unconditional love to the self. When appreciated, we can start to receive and give unconditional love to others.  Having trust and faith in our internal Satnav (i.e. intuition and vision), accepting help offered from supporters and spiritual guidance from our teachers. We become able to receive direct cognition, which helps us avoid the pitfalls of life and accelerate our spiritual progress. Without our internal awakening and satnav map, we delay, we are blind to opportunities and are unable to reach 4th gear spiritual acceleration.

When we are standing comfortably in our own shoes, we have arrived, been seen and heard and acknowledged to greater degrees.

We begin to realise our life purpose – and are better equipped to deliver on it. We may have a message to bring to the fore and service to perform for advancement in family, lineage and evolution.  As did Nelson Mandela. He stood in his own shoes and accepted his role highlighting injustice to the masses. A man with courage and foresight. A man who did not give up.

Our individual shoes can be compared to our roles in life.  Of course we need to attain these heady heights ourselves first before we are able to then help others but when ready, we realise that standing in our true power, comfortable with who we are may also give the green light for others to speak up, to stand in their own shoes and in turn, awaken and switch on to other soul mates as it did with Mandela.

When standing in our own shoes we have exceptional internal qualities to draw upon. When dancing we accelerate those achievements, bring lightness, Vava-voom and higher consciousness. Let’s join the disco…of enlightenment!

Joy Wisdom


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